Godfather Of Harlem Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Everything To Know

Godfather Of Harlem Season 2

Crime drama fans believe that Godfather of Harlem Season 2 must happen soon. The series is inspired by the true story of infamous crime Boss, Bumpy Johnson. After ten years of imprisonment, he returns home to find Harlem, his old neighborhood. Soon, he discovers that now the community is under an Italian Mob. Surprisingly, Johnson decided not to start a fight.

Instead, Bumpy requests Civil Rights Leaders to form alliances and get back the power. The assumptions were that Bumpy would behave criminal, as his nature was, but then he proved it all wrong. He was a man with family and morals.

Godfather Of Harlem Season 2: Renewal Status

Godfather Of Harlem Season 2

There were so many loose ends indicating the return of series for the second season, but it is not confirmed yet. It seems that the future of the show is not sure. However, the streamer didn’t announce the renewal nor the cancelation. So, Godfather of Harlem Season 2 may come. After all, it’s been only a month since the last episode of season one revealed.

The showrunner, and also the streamer needs a little bit of time to think, assess, and then take the initiative. Fans must cross their fingers and pray until the officials don’t greenlight the show.

What To Expect With Season 2?

Godfather Of Harlem Season 2

As for now, there are no ideas about the plot of season two. Spoilers tease that everyone will face new circumstances. While Bumpy will remain the target of the five families, Malcolm will also be trapped in a problem. The story may present the riots of 64-65.

Once in an interview, series creator Chris Brancato shared they were interested in portraying crimes and civil rights of Harlem in the 60s. They had an idea to feature police brutality, drug addiction, and gang warfare. Also, the situation in the ghetto was in their mind. If the creators have so much on their heads, we may believe that they will probably have content about the story Godfather of Harlem Season 2. What are your expectations from season 2?

The Story So Far!

Godfather Of Harlem Season 2

The previous season ended with President Kennedy’s assassination and its aftermath on the mob community. Genovese crime family called Bumpy Johnson and threatened him to death. Also, Chin Gigante hired a hitman to take him, but Bumpy somehow escaped With Elise, who had come to aid Bumpy.

Nigel Thatch realized that his voice is unworthy because nobody cares about his opinion. He then left the Islamic Nation and became the first Muslim leader. Moreover, along with Bumpy, he worked for human rights during the civil rights movement. He created controversies while speaking for dark people. In the end, he was shattered to know President Kennedy’s assassination.

Godfather of Harlem Season 2 Release Date

Godfather of Harlem Season 2 is yet to be renewed. With the suspense in renewal, it is too soon to predict the release date. However, there are assumptions that the upcoming season will commence production by the end of 2020. Till then, wait for the showrunners to greenlight the show. For more updates, please stay connected to us!

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