Good Girls Season 3: Trailer Released! Plot Details and Release Date

Good Girls Season 3

Wait of the fans is about to get over because Good Girls Season 3 is all set to premiere in the next week. After leaving the fans in awe with its second season, the expectations with the upcoming season is very high. The inaugural season of this series got a highly positive response from fans, whereas an average response from the critics. However, the previous season got an amazing response from the fans as well as the critics. NBC also released the official trailer of the next season of Good Girls recently.

Good Girls is an American crime drama Tv series. Jeanna Bans created this show. It was premiered on 26 February 2018 on NBC. The second season of this show premiered on 3 March 2019. And the show got its renewal for the third season on 12 April 2019 even before the completion of the second season.

Good Girls Season 3

Good Girls Season 3: Official Trailer

The three most loved suburban Michigan mothers-turned -criminals are officially coming back for the third installment of this show. The official trailer of Good Girls Season 3 is released. Beth, Ruby, and Annie are back in business, and this time, cash is the queen. In the trailer, Beth declares to her partners that “We’re free.” 

Good Girls Season 3: Plot Details

Following the things that happened in the previous season, the moms are not exactly on the same side. Ruby put her relationship with Stan in danger is not interested anymore in this kind of work. Annie discovered that her new lover Noah is an FBI agent trying to get a lead on her. Moreover, Beth will be going to have a tough time with lots of efforts to convince her partners.

The three Michigan mothers are riding high, which is obvious because the certain big guy is eliminated. Good Girls Season 3 will pick up right after Rio’s murder by the hands of Becky. Everything looks good for the trio after the newfound freedom until the knock on Beth’s door. There is a part in the trailer in which the narrator said, “The best part about this game is just when you think you’re finished, something new pops up.” The teaser didn’t reveal the identity of that person, but the look on Beth’s face clearly showed that this guy is most unwelcome. This guy might be Rio, who was shot dead in the previous season, but there is no evidence regarding the identity of this mystery man.

Good Girls Season 3 Plot

Who Will Be In It?

The creators informed that a new member would be joining the cast of Good Girls Season 3. Charlyne Yi, who recently worked in “House MD,” will join the cast as a graphic designer. She will help the trio in their money laundering venture. Along with her Jackie Cruz, who is famous for her work in “Orange Is the New Black,” will also join the cast as Rio’s baby mother “Rhea.” Except for two new additions, all the cast members from the previous season will return for the next installment. However, if the character of Rio is returning or not is still not confirmed.

Good Girls Season 3 Cast

Good Girls Season 3: Release Date

The upcoming season of Good Girls will be having a run time of 16 episodes, which is three more than that of the previous season. The first episode of Good Girls Season 3 is titled as “Find Your Beach.” It is all set to release on 16 February 2020 on NBC. However, the release date for Netflix is not confirmed yet, but if we follow the previous patterns. The third season of this season will possibly release on Netflix at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021.

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