High Maintenance Season 4: Trailer, No. of Episodes, Spoilers & Release Date

High Maintenance Season 4

High Maintenance Season 4 is on its way, and the fans are pretty excited about it. The previous seasons were an instant hit. The show is praised by many. Fans eagerly wait for the fourth season of the show.

High Maintenance is an American comedy-drama series on HBO. Some of the inspirations for the show are Six Feet Under and Party Down. It was initially a web series on Vimeo. The story goes about The Guy, who delivers weed on the doorstep of various New Yorkers. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Season.

What Does The Trailer Tell About The Guy

Recently, HBO released the trailer of the upcoming Season of High Maintenance. This news got everyone talking. In the trailer, “The Guy” is back. He is back to keep the spirits high. In the trailer, the Guy travels the city of New York and delivers weed to different characters who need to get a little high to make it through the day.

The new thing here is the bike — Bye-Bye to the RV from Season 3. The Guy is riding on his bike for this Season. Moreover, the Guy has a new friend by his side. Who is the new friend of The Guy?

​HBO also released information and details about the first two episodes of season 4. Chapter 1 is “Cycles,” where the Guy finds lost cocaine. On the other hand, in Episode 2 named “Trick,” he delivers with a new friend. The storyline is quite thrilling. The viewers look forward to more comedy and drama.

High Maintenance Season 4: Cast updates

Of course, the story revolves around The Guy. Therefore, Ben Sinclair will reprise at ‘The Guy’ in the upcoming Season. Apart from him, Ira Glass will also be appearing as a guest. She will be the new friend beside the GuyGuy. The show will consist of many more guest appearances. Some of the new guests include Nick Kroll, Rebecca Hall, Larry Owens, and Calvin Leon Smith.

Moreover, there are some returning guest casts. The returning cast includes Dan Stevens appears as a cross-dressing screenwriter. Katja Blichfeld appears as Becky.Christopher Caldwell as Darnell, a recovering addict.Michael Cyril Creighton as Patrick and the couple Max Jenkins and Heléne Yorke.

What Will Happen In The Upcoming Season?

The audience knows that every episode of High Maintenance is always full of surprises. Fans hope the upcoming Season contains many twists and turns. In the new Season, the disparate citizens of new york will need their weed. And the GuyGuy will be providing it. This Season mainly focuses on the webs of human connections and the changing ecosystem of New Yorkers.

High Maintenance Season 4

From the trailer of High Maintenance Season 4, one can predict so many things. The new stories will undoubtedly be authentic and insightful. The stories will focus on the New York community. Apart from them, the story of the GuyGuy will also take an exciting turn. Now, as he got a new partner, the life of the Guy is going to change.

High Maintenance Season 4: Release Date

Soon the wait of the fans will be over. High Maintenance Season 4 will premiere on February 7, 2020. The new season will consist of nine episodes. All the episodes will air on Fridays. So get ready for the hilarious Season of High Maintenance

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