Into The Badlands Season 4: Getting Cancelled Or Renewed in 2019?

Into The Badlands Season 4

The third season of the series landed a long time ago, and since then people have been guessing about the future of Into The Badlands Season 4. AMC’s hyper-stylized combative drama has been a consistent performer. However, the much anticipated Into The Badlands Season 4 is still nowhere on the charts. This has landed the series in question mark zone.

Into The Badlands Season 4 has been not canceled by the Network yet. However, despite a slight drop in the ratings of series, it is still one of the best performing TV Series. Keeping in mind that there is no “Walking Dead” in the title.

AMC and Mid-Season break has become a better love story than any other. Into The Badlands Season 3 took a halt after airing 8 episodes. However, the stop has lasted almost 7 months. This is the primary reason for the doubts on the series’ future.

AMC Has Announced What Is Going To Happen In Season 4

Into The Badlands Season 4

AMC announced before the premiere of the third installment of Into The Badlands, that it would be split into two halves. This is a usual tactic that AMC adopts as it has done same with TV Series like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. However, the duration elapsed for the premiere of this second half or Into The Badlands Season 4 is way too long. No further updates from AMC about this show’s renewal has also kept Into The Badlands Season 4 in utter danger of getting canceled.

How Into The Badlands Season 3 Performed?

The ratings and viewership of any show have always been the critical factor behind the cancelation or renewal of the show. With a massive show like The Walking Dead in his pocket, AMC is a bit greedy with its’ records of viewership.

Into The Badlands Season 2 saw a drop in the audience of the series. The third installment of the series was considered to consolidate that. According to stats provided by TV Series Finale, Into The Badlands Season 3 has got a massive drop in the viewership, in comparison to Season 2.

Into the Badlands Season 3 has got a 0.36 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.09 million viewers. This is a decrement by 55% and 45%, respectively, compared to Season 2.
The reason behind Into The Badlands Season 4 not landing on any updates chart might be because of these ratings. However, a cliffhanger ending in the mid-season finale of Into The Badlands have crisped up some score. But, was this capable of renewing the show for another season is still uncertain.

Into The Badlands Season 3 pursued with the story of the main character – Sunny and his Son. Sunny has returned to Badlands, the former state of Oklahoma in which feudal civil mandate has come to overflow the power void left by the war. Sunny has returned to find a cure for his son.

Renewal Of Into The Badlands Season 4

AMC has previously ordered that Season 3 will be split into two halves. Therefore, there are still hopes that the series second half or Into The Badlands Season 4 will get renewed. However, the only thing coming up against is the show’s degraded ratings. AMC has yet not given any updates about the premiere date or cancellation of the show.


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