Jane The Virgin Season 5: What To Expect From The Final Season

Jane The Virgin Season 5

The audience was waiting since one and a half year for the final season of the messed-up family comedy-drama. Jane The Virgin Season 5 is all set to give a final sign-off. The CW renewed the show for its fifth and last season in May 2018. At the time of the official announcement, it was made quite clear that season five will be the final season of the series.

Jennie Snyder, the creator of Jane The Virgin, said that she was authorized to continue the show as long as she had a story to tell. When asked about the plot of Jane The Virgin Season 5, she stated that she wants the final (fifth) season the leave viewers with an actual sense of closure at the end.

Trailer Of Jane The Virgin Season 5:

The trailer of Jane The Virgin Season 5 was released last week. It is presenting some hints about what will happen in the final season as season four left the audience in so much underlying mystery. The first trailer for the final season of Jane the Virgin concentrates on Michael’s fate and even teases another major telenovela-style twist. Though watching the trailer confirms that the last season will have enormous comedy.

What will happen in Jane The Virgin Season 5?

The fourth season of Jane The Virgin was left on a total climax point. Jane (Gina Rodriguez) got to know that her dead husband is alive, standing in the same room, but is indifferent about her. The revival of Micheal (Brett Dier) complicates the situation even more as it somehow involves Rose, the manipulative drug kingpin who has been a longtime brute on the series. She is well-known for her ability to change people faces and fake deaths. Her presence has to do something with the reappearance of Micheal from death as Jane telling someone that the family isn’t going anywhere, ” because my husband just came back from the dead.”

Jina had moved on from Micheal’s death and his longtime love. She had realized that she was in love with Rafael (Justin Baldoni, her only son’s father. Rafael was about to propose her when this secret pops out.

This discovery is a shocking statement not only for the audience but for the Villanueva family as well. The trailer of the fifth season shows the reactions of the family members to the shocking return, with Rogelio de la Vega (Jamie Camil) fainting as he got to know about his best bud.

According to some theories flourishing around, Micheal is suffering from amnesia after his death. He does not recognize even his best friend, Rogelio. The fans will have to wait until Jane the Virgin returns to find out for sure how and why Michael was able to recover from the dead. But it’s clear that the show still has plenty of twists and turns in store for its final season.

Release Of Jane The Virgin Season 5:

The final season of the series will premiere on March 27, 2019, at 9 PM. The CW will broadcast the show. Asking about the end of the series, the creator Jennie Snyder gave one more cherry to think about.

“There will be — How can I answer that? There will be a wedding,”

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