Krypton Season 2: Are You Ready For More Superman Prequel Story?

Krypton Season 3

There is a Right, and a Wrong in the World and that difference is not hard to make. Superman’s origin story will pursue further. Syfy has renewed Krypton Season 2. Syfy renews the show for another installment even before the finale of the first season.

Krypton follows the plot of two generations before the end of Superman’s home planet. Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), the fabulous Man of Steel’s grandfather, leads in the show. Seg-El confronts a life and death conflict – save his home planet or let it be slaughtered to reclaim the fate of his future grandson. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Krypton Season 2.

Krypton Season 2 Will Feature Lobo

Lobo - Krypton Season 2

Krypton Season 2 will introduce Lobo in the Superman prequel series. Lobo is a ruthless bounty hunter. He will serve as the new villain in the show. Emmett J. Scanlan will portray the character of Lobo. In an exclusive picture of Lobo, we can see the mighty villain in intimidating looks. Moreover, this ensures a high-end action and battle sequence coming up in Season 2.

Scanlan and DC Go Way Back Together

Emmett J. Scanlan is currently featuring in Amazon’s Lore season 2. However, this is not the first time Scanlan and DC will work together. Scanlan has portrayed the character of Jim Corrigan on the still missed Constantine TV Show. The grey persona of Lobo will bring more terror in the show. DC is known for its dark villain, and Lobo will fit in that code too.

What Scanlan Said About His Character In Krypton Season 2

Scanlan also expressed his thoughts on Season 2. he said that he had read a lot of comic books and scripts. He tags both of them as great. He added that they give you a true sense of the sort of brute they want to introduce. Scanlan also told that shows’ executive producer, Cam Welsh is a big fan of Lobo. Therefore, with Welsh and writer’s, Lobo will have a significant impact on the show.

Scanlan also revealed his childhood wish of playing the Wolverine or Joker. The star said that with Lobo, he got to become both. Therefore, his desire is fulfilled with this role. Scanlan also told about his first Lobo experience. It was when DC and Marvel had a crossover and Lobo, and Wolverine got into a bar brawl.

How The Prior Season Layed The Platform For Krypton Season 2

Well! Superman stories have a unique audience. However, the first installment of Krypton turned out to be a massive hit. Season 1 of the Superman prequel story has equalized 1.8 million viewers in L+3 per week to date. Defining the reason behind its early renewal.

Season 1 was Syfy’s most-watched premiere season among total spectators for an original series since Ascension in 2014. It was also the most-watched season for any scripted show on the channels since Defiance in 2015. Krypton is the second highest-rated Syfy’s most-watched series after The Magicians. All these positives add up to the renewal of Show for Season 2.

When Will Krypton Season 2 Premiere

Syfy has yet not announced any premiere date for Krypton Season 2. However, the show is expected to premiere in the mid-quarters of 2019.