Longmire Season 6 Spoilers: Walt and Vic Romance? Release Date and Plot

longmire season 6

Longmire Season 6 cancellation rumors surfaced previously but now it has been confirmed that there will be another season, fans rejoiced. Unfortunately, Season 6 is going to be the last season, the plot of the upcoming season would be more complicated. The filming of Longmire Season 6 started on March 22 and will continue for few next months. Actress Katee Sackhoff, who plays Vic in the series, shared the news on social media, she also added that final season of the series is going to be “epic.”

The latest news report suggests that there will be only 10 episodes in the upcoming installment Longmire Season 6. This is really heartbreaking for the fans as this will be the final season and fans were expecting to see more of Vic and Walt. In the previous season, Walt and Vic appeared to be moving forward. However, Walt later got involved in a romantic relationship will Donna (Ally Walker). This made fans to believe that Vic-Walt romance is no longer possible. Though fans are still waiting for Walt and Vic to come together.

longmire season 6

It will be interesting to watch if the two end up together. The executive producer Hunt Baldwin has revealed some serious Longmire Season 6 spoilers. According to Baldwin, there will be a new character in the upcoming season and will make the plot more complex. He also said that Walt and Vic will romance in this segment. In an interview, Hunt said, that there is a possibility that at the end of the day, they will end up together. Earlier also, we had seen the romantic side of the couple.

Earlier the show aired as a part of A&E’s lineup. Unfortunately, A&E canceled the series after the third season as reported by TVline. However, the network sold the series to Netflix and since then Netflix renewed the series for three seasons. When Netflix ordered Longmire Season 6, executive producers Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny and Greer Shephard thanked the streaming giant for giving the show another chance.

It is also expected that upcoming season will start airing sometime towards the end of 2017. Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet announced Longmire Season 6 release date. Stay tuned for the latest updates and never miss the premiere.




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