Lucifer Season 4: Darker And Hotter, Cast, Plot, Premiere Date And More

Lucifer Season 4

Sometimes, even a demon needs help for its rescue. Lucifer was canceled after Season 3. But, the fans of the series didn’t let their favorite series die. A massive global campaign to save Lucifer happened, many people used #SaveLucifer, and in style, Netflix came to rescue. Yes! Lucifer Season 4 is a done deal. The fourth installment of this fantasy comedy-drama series will premiere on Netflix. Fox made the prior three seasons of the show.

The third season of Lucifer ended on 28 May 2018. Since then, everyone was eager to know the fate of the show. Well, Netflix has responded to many such ‘Save’ campaigns, and it did it again. The series follows the scenarios of Lucifer Morningstar. He is a fallen angel who is tired of his role as the Lord of Hell.

Lucifer decides to reside in Los Angeles and run a club. Furthermore, he starts assisting the local police in solving tricky criminal cases. Hence, he becomes a counselor with the LAPD. The unusual storyline and dramatic scenarios made the show stand out. Undoubtedly, its run on Netflix is quite anticipated.

What will happen in Lucifer Season 4? What Changes will we see in the show? When will it premiere? Who will feature in it? Here are all the answers you need about Season 4 of Lucifer.

What Will Happen In Lucifer Season 4?

Lucifer is a shady character, which makes the series the same. It has a bit of a darker side, with a touch of fun, elegance, wittiness, and romance. Well, Season 4 of Lucifer will present the same with more quantity. Although, this time, Romance will be the key of the Season.

Lucifer Season 4

The protagonist of the show Tom Ellis in an interview with Entertainment Weekly teased aspects of a romance for Lucifer and Chloe Decker (Lauren German), despite the surprising season three finale. Tom said that Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship is what he thinks will be the heartbeat of the show.

On the matter of Romance, Lucifer will have an abundance of it. Along with Lucifer and Chloe, we will also see Lesley-Ann Brandt’s character Maze also falling in love. Lesley-Ann told TVLine that Maze would fall in love in Season 4. She continued that Season three traversed what relationships and friendships feel like and how you can be let down and makeup. She lastly added that Season four would be about Maze finding her someone.

The Changes We Will See In Lucifer Season 4

Well, on the question of what are the changes that will occur on Lucifer going in Netflix’s Court, there are two. Firstly, the producer of the series told about Lucifer Season 4 that the dark parts of the show have got just a tad darker, and the sexy bits of the show have just got a tad sexier. Therefore, on that front, we have nothing to worry about, as who wants the less of that!!

Secondly, the significant change is in the number of episodes. The prior three seasons consisted of 22 episodes. However, this is not the case with Netflix. The series will now have 10 episodes in its fourth installment.

Another crucial thing is that Inbar Levi (Prison Break) has joined the cast as Eve (as in Adam and) for Season 4. Eve is fed up with Adam, and now she will go after Lucifer, her first love. Well, that boils the plot for some exciting scenario.

Lucifer Season 4 Premiere Date

The 10 episode season 4 is scheduled to premiere on May 8. The series almost took 10 months to release since its production began in August 2018.


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