Lucifer Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Everything You Need To Know

Lucifer Season 4

Lucifer Season 4 is one the most anticipated season returns of the year. Fans are delighted to hear the news of its come back after cancellation. Cancellation of Lucifer Season 4 by Fox after its third season disappointed the admirers. Fans then started a campaign on social media against the decision which was eventually trending as #SaveLucifer.

By good fortune, the campaign turned out to be a success, and it wasn’t late before Netflix picked it up. After being picked by Netflix, all the episodes of Lucifer’s previous three seasons shifted to Netflix, following the new season.

What Will Change in Lucifer Season 4?

Lucifer Season 4 is expected to change the relationship between our two leads. Radio Times reported that Chloe (Lauren German) would have problems in adjusting to the fact that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is the Lord of the Hell. The story of the new season is suspected to revolve around the same.

Showrunner Idly Modrovich finds this a significant plot development. The showrunners were thinking about the change in the plot of the supernatural series since a while and considered it essential.

However, the showrunners are also planning to broaden some aspects of the urban fantasy, keeping in mind the general formula to the supernatural drama.

Tom Ellis, the lead actor, defines that Lucifer Season 4 may have more nudity. Considering the fact that Netflix has now picked up the upcoming season the amount of nudity and gore will increase. The actor explains the change – as Netflix is open to a fearless display of violence and revealing scenes while telecast on Fox was bound to specific rules and restrictions.

Plot Developments in Lucifer Season 4

The entire plot of the supernatural series has not yet released.

However, some sources reveal that Lucifer will have a new villain for the battle in Lucifer Season 4. We can also expect the return of the original sinner. Eve (Inbar Levi) will be back to try to lure Lucifer into a romantic relationship, as they had one in the past.

Although, Levi’s role as a recurring character is not yet confirmed. Fans are excited to see the change in the ensemble cast of Lucifer Season 4.

Release Date of Lucifer Season 4

Netflix has not announced a firm release date for the police procedural drama series. Since the show is now to release on Netflix instead of Fox, the release may take longer.

Nonetheless, the production of the film ended in December 2018. Hence, there are chances that the wait may not be very long.

Cast member Aimee Garcia also hinted about the release date in Tweet.

A fan even asks her about the premiere date of the upcoming season. To that, she replies that it might be around April or May. Though, she also mentions that she is not sure about the actual date.

Hence, the speculated release of Lucifer Season may be around the Spring of 2019. But we are still expecting a confirmed date by the streaming platform.

Fans have high expectations from the show after its renewal. Netflix is famous for its potential content and fans expect the same from the upcoming series as well. Lucifer Season 4 is releasing this year, after many complications and hopefully, it returns for good.