Lucifer Season 5: Can Fans Save It Again? Spin-off or Movie May Happen!

Lucifer Season 5

In today’s world, fans have more powers than they think they do. Lucifer Season 5 is confirmed, and viewers are indeed happy about it. Although, the fifth season will bring the end of the very popular show. Apparently this outraged millions of supporters that did so much to save Season 4 when original broadcaster Fox canceled it. Followers began social media campaigns that convinced Netflix to pick up the supernatural drama. Now that the streaming platform has decided to finish the series, will fans be able to save it again?

Lucifer, the Lord of the Hell, began his journey of the television back in January 2016. He became a fan-favorite character, and the show grew up to be a hit. However, in May 2018, Fox decided to cancel it due to low rating on the second and third seasons. Since the series was popular amongst the fans, Netflix eventually picked it up to give the fourth season. Season 4 premiered in May 2019 and soon became the most-watched on the streaming platform for a while.

What Led To The Cancellation?

When fans heard about the cancellation of the series after Lucifer Season 5, they began questioning about the cause of the same. However, the reason turns out to be very simple. Show writers have found the way Lucifer’s story must conclude. They do not want to stretch the plotline just because of the show’s popularity. Makers claim they’ve found the perfect ending to the flawless comedy-drama starring Tom Ellis as the Devil. The news was announced over their official social media accounts on June 6, 2019.

Showrunners Says Lucifer May Return In Spin-off/Movie

Soon after fans got to know about Netflix’s announcement, they wanted reactions from the show producers. Executive producer, Ildy Modrovich took a while to respond, although confirmed that Lucifer is finally ending with Season 5. She expressed that she wished that the series continued forever. However, it’s for the good of the story. Modrovich adds that Lucifer Season 5 will be a love letter for the Lucifans (Lucifer fans).

Lucifer Season 5

On the contrary, one of the fans asked if Lucifer can return in a movie or the spin-off of the show. To this, the showrunners replied in affirmation. Modrovich agrees that the fan-favorite characters, especially Lucifer may return in future if they decide to make any spin-offs.

Lucifer Season 5

Mixed Reactions From Cast Members

Lead actor Tom Ellis is loved all around the world for his charming and humorous portrayal of the Lord of the Hell, Lucifer. The actor took to his social media thanking his fans for the love his character received. Also, he expressed that the conclusion is bittersweet for them too. However, all things must come to their end, and so will the fan-favorite show.

On the other hand, the leading lady Lauren German who plays Detective Chloe Decker on the show gives some mixed reactions. Lucifer’s love interest, Chloe asks the fans to express if they want Season 6 as well. She says that if viewers want more, they must make their voices heard. Although, she assures that if Lucifer ends on Season 5, it would not be disappointing. The team is working hard on it and won’t let down its lovers.

Fans Are Still Uphappy

Fans embraced their strengths when their calls were heard, and Netflix finally saved Season 4. Thus, it disappoints many of them when their favorite show didn’t get a longer life as they expected. The series ending just after two installments outraged many of them on social media. People are thinking to start another campaign yet again.

Lucifer Season 5: Final Thoughts

This time, Lucifer isn’t being canceled for a non-legitimate reason. The makers have found their ending and audiences must respect the same. The showrunners do not want to stretch the plotline and give the viewers a rather boring or undeserving installment. Hence, the decision is wise and well thought. Although, we hope that the series gets a few spin-offs or movies if Netflix agrees.

Lucifer Season 5: Premiere Date

Netflix has just announced the renewal of the fifth and final season of the show. Hence, it will be too early to expect a premiere date. Moreover, the series’ release pattern has also been non-linear. Although, as per the streaming platforms basic treatment of its shows, Lucifer Season 5 may take a year and air sometime in 2020.


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