More South Park Season 23 Episodes To Come! ‘Season Finale’ Isn’t The End!

South Park Season 23
Comedy Central

For all the fans that were wondering why’s South Park Season 23 is so short this time, calm down! This isn’t the end. The most recent episode of the much controversial series did not conclude the entire season. Besides having ‘Season Finale’ as the title and a plot with the concluding tone, we still have a few episodes for this year. How? Here’s everything to know.

Infamous for its crude and offensive language, South Park has always been in talks around the world. However, it sure is one of the finest takes on society. It has won multiple accolades over the years and maintains to be Comedy Central’s highest-rated show. The 1997’s animated sitcom covers a wide range of subjects through its unique way of presentation.

How Did South Park Season 23 Perform?

As of now, we’re only halfway through South Park Season 23 episodes. However, it seems like the installment is struggling to perform as well as its previous attempt. Its rating on Rotten Tomatoes are under-performing as compared to all South Park chapter. However, since we’re still to go through four more episodes, it probably pretty early to place judgment.

With a massive fan following, the animated sitcom has a lot of pressure to handle. Currently, we can only hope for it to level up its game for the remaining episodes. Do you like this installment? Tell us in the comments below!

‘Season Finale’ Isn’t The End Of South Park Season 23

Brian Garden’s dark sitcom has been in the headline throughout its 23 years of existence. However, the controversy is pretty silly this time. Strangely, the show makers have titled their sixth episode as ‘Season Finale.’ this year. This apparently is pretty misguiding and has confused most of the viewers. In fact, some of them wondered if this is an unexpected extended hiatus with only six South Park Season 23 on-air episodes.

South Park Season 23
Comedy Central

Well, luckily, there’s more coming up for fans sooner in the twenty-third return of the Comedy Central show. Episode 6 did have a misguiding title, plot, and tone; however, there are reasons why its presented this way. The episode intended to wrap up its main ongoing plotlines – the threat of the nonexistent “Mexican Joker” and Randy’s dealing with China. In fact, Randy literally took to the camera and called out the wrap on the season.

However, Randy did not actually mean to call the finale of South Park Season 23, but the conclusion of the weed harvesting season. He suggests that the latest strain of weed from Tegridy farms is “Season Finale.” Besides, this may even mean wrap Randy’s side of the story and focus on other aspects of the sitcom in the remaining episodes. Hence, there’s more to come from the twenty-third installment with four more chapters to telecast.

When Do Rest Of Season 23 Release?

The rest of South Park Season 23 episodes will still premiere according to the general schedule. The latest one is coming up next Wednesday, November 13, 2019, on Comedy Central. Whereas, the remaining three of them will continue to follow the weekly release pattern.

South Park Season 23
Comedy Central

Will There Be A Season 24?

Don’t worry, South Park’s future is pretty secure with three installments greenlit already. Back in September 2019, Comedy Central announced the renewal of Season 24, 25 & 26 altogether. Our favorite time slot is secured until 2022 now. Hopefully, we’ll have many more installments of the hilarious series coming up in the future.

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