No Good Nick Part 3: Renew Or Cancel? Everything You Need To Know

No Good Nick Season 1 Part 2

The sophomore run of No Good Nick just streamed on Netflix. The fans have already binged watched it and now asking about its next installment, No Good Nick Part 3.

The series is a sitcom, created by David H. Steinberg and Keetgi Kogan for Netflix. No Good Nick focuses on a 13-year-old Nicole Franzelli, played by Siena Agudong. The girl tries to turn in the Thompson family by describing herself as an orphan, Nicole Patterson. She build-in all the lies that they are her closest living relatives. Nicole did this to the right some wrong caused to his family by the Thompson’s. Though later, she finds compassion for the family and gets stuck between the actual right and wrong.

The show received popularity as it casts quite many veteran child artists of Disney, Nickelodeon, and Freeform. No Good Nick debuted as a comedy television series. However, the show involves some themes which are more subjected to adults such as physical violence and many more.

No Good Nick Part 3: Renewal Status

The second season of No Good Nick just landed on streaming service, on August 5, 2019. Also, Netflix always waits for a month or two to check out the show’s average viewership and global popularity. According to that only, the streaming platform decides whether or not any series receive a renewal for another season. Therefore, the fans need to wait for some time to hear the renewal announcement for No Good Nick Part 3.

Though, there are some pretty good chances for the series to gain renewal. No Good Nick has touched a specific range of audience who felt connected to the issues like physical abuse and more.

What Has Happened Before No Good Nick Part 3?

Unlike the first season, who left the fans at a heart-wrecking cliffhanger, the second season ended quite moderately. By the end of the second season, as Nick’s real identity has been finally unveiled in front of the Thompson family. Also, despite all that, they welcomed back her into the family with open heart.

no good nick season 3

Though the ending seems like the conclusion for No Good Nick, it still has left some room for the story to expand. Therefore, it entirely depends on the second season of the series, how much it gains viewership and popularity among the audience and the critics.

No Good Nick Part 3: Premiere Date

When it comes to the premiere, No Good Nick came out as an exception for Netflix. The debut season of the series premiered in April 2019, followed by the second season, just after four months in August 2019. Therefore, if the series gets renewed soon, Netflix might premiere No Good Nick Part 3 by the end of 2019, or in early 2020. Till then, stay tuned for future updates.


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