On My Block Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Everything To Know

On My Block Season 3

“Ruby survived.” Indeed he did in the second season of the show. The first season cliffhanger wasn’t enough for the showrunners, so they ended Season 2 on a bigger cliffhanger this time. Hence, here we are wondering of what may happen in ‘On My Block Season 3.’

On My Block is one of the finest shows on Netflix. It is simple and subtle with an extremely relatable storyline. Being the most binge-watched show of 2018 (on Netflix), it has surely won many young hearts. Fans had been waiting for the second season, and it clearly came with a blast. So what do you think happened in Season 2?

On My Block Season 3: Everything That Happened In Season 2

The first season ended on a very dramatic note as Olivia and Ruby (Jason Genao and Ronni Hawk) laid in their own pool of blood. Fans were eager to know if any of the two survived. And yes, only one of them did. The second season bid farewell to one of our favorite characters on the show, Olivia. She couldn’t make it to Season 2 after being shot by Latrelle (Jahking Guillory).

On My Block Season 3

On the other hand, Ruby survived the attack and is now suffering from PTSD, grief, anger and survivor’s guilt. The writers of the show, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft justify it as it was important for Ruby’s character growth. They explain that One My Block is a coming-of-age show. And Season 2 achieves the same as he transforms into a man and now becomes Ruben from the childish Ruby.

The second season had a lot to discuss. From Monse and Cesar’s complicated relationship to Jasmin becoming a supportive friend to Ruby, Season 2 was different. Our characters evolved into better versions of themselves. Moreover, all of them went down a roller-coaster of emotions.

On My Block Season 3

Monse (Sierra Capri) came close to her mom, only to know that is isn’t that good. She also breaks up Cesar (Diego Tinoco) and decides to move to an all-girls boarding school. Ruby discovers Jasmin’s family situation and both of them bond by the end of the season. Aso, Jamal (Brett Gray) ends up burning the cursed RollerWorld money. All of this happens in Season 2, only to end on everybody being kidnapped at the end.

On My Block Season 3: What Will Happen?

The second season ended wierdly as the core four, Monse, Cesar, Jamal and Ruby get kidnapped at the end. On My Block Season 3 is expected to solve the mystery and justify why that happened. Some fans suspect that they were abducted by the Prophets as revenge. However, any of such speculations are yet unlikely.

We can also expect Monse’s mom to return in Season 3. The mother-daughter duo is yet to solve many things between them. Hence, we assume that she may be back in the upcoming installment. Moreover, we may also see Monse and Cesar’s relationship transforming by Season 3 as we still want them to get together.

On My Block Season 3

Ruby is still recovering from Olivia’s death and the attention from school for surviving the attack. There are chances that we may soon see a new love interest. Moreover, his friendship may also evolve with Jasmin as they now understand each other. All we can expect from Season 3 for Ruby is to get well and have a better life in future.

On My Block Season 3: Cast Details

Most of the prominent characters of the show are expected to return in the new installment. This includes the ‘core four’ and Jasmin (Jessica Marie Garcia). We may also see Spooky (Julio Macias) again in On My Block Season 3. Also, actress Peggy Blow as Abuela, Ruby’s grandmother will be back with her charm.

Sadly, we may not see Olivia in the next season as we didn’t in Season 2. However, we may expect many new characters this time as the show may need a few. The previous season also introduced many new faces as per the demand of the story.

On My Block Season 3: Premiere Date

The second season of the show recently premiered, and fans are yet to catch up with their favorite characters. The makers are still to announce the renewal of the series. Hence, we are yet to get a firm release date.

However, the first season came out in March 2018 and Season 2 in March 2019. Therefore, chances are that the third installment may take a year to release. We can expect it to premiere by March 2020.

On My Block tackles many serious issues with a simple storyline. It is humorous, tragic and close to our hearts due to its relatability. The show is also critically acclaimed and has won several accolades in its first year of release. Hence, fans and critics now have high expectations from On My Block Season 3.


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