One Day at a Time Season 4: Ray Romano To Step In For The Show, March Release Date

One Day at a Time
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Now Pop TV’s show ‘One Day at a Time’ is all about how life becomes worth every up and down when your loved ones are around you. It’s been sometime since season 3 of the show came out, so just in a few weeks, Pop TV is coming back with the hilarious and emotional show, ‘One Day at a Time Season 4’. The sitcom first debuted in 2017 on Netflix and was an instant hit. Appraised by the critics and the viewers, the show bagged 98% of rotten tomatoes. However, Netflix dropped the show after three seasons. The pop TV became its lifesaver and picked up the show. So, One Day at a time, season 4 will release on Pop TV soon this year.

One Day at a Time follows Penelope, a newly single Army veteran. She lives with her American-Cuban family while experiencing all the ups and downs of their lives. Penelope has now become a nurse and is raising her very strong-willed children. She confides to her mother and building manager, who is now a confidant for the lady. The series focuses on how life is full of good and bad times, and how having your loved ones around makes everything worthwhile.

Since only a few weeks are left for One Day at a time season 4, it just looks like its the right time that we brush up our basics for the show and also take in all the new updates on the show. Here is everything that could that we know so far about the show-

Why Did Netflix Drop The Show?

The clear reason for why Netflix dropped the show isn’t clear. However, we assume that it is because of low viewership. Netflix very rarely releases its viewer numbers, so this will remain a secret, we guess. To announce the canceling of the show, Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer at Netflix, said that he is very thankful to all the fans who have supported the show. He also thanked all the partners at Sony along with all other critics who embraced ‘One day at a time.’ He expressed his disappointment that more viewers did not discover the show. Along with that, he revealed that the network is dropping the show.

One Day at a Time
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All fans were very disappointed with the news, and soon a campaign using hashtag #saveodat launched only causing a stir. That’s when Pop TV came into the picture. Pop TV, a channel by CBS soon after the cancellation, announced that they are picking up the show. So, Pop TV renewed the ‘One day at a time season 4’ received a green light.

Ray Romano Is Coming In For ‘One Day at a Time Season 4’

It looks like Ray Romano is coming back to sitcoms. He will come in for ‘One Day at a Time season 4’ as a guest star. The actor will portray Brian on the show. Brian is a 2020 U.S. census taker and will come to Alvarez household to interview the whole family. How cool is that! Pop TV shared this picture to announce the news.

One day at a time season 4
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It looks like the entire original cast of the show is coming back to reprise their roles. This means that Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, Rita Moreno, Stephen Tobolowsky, Marcel Ruiz, and Isabella Gomez are all coming back. Along with that, the series director Pamela Fryman is coming back. EPs Brent Miller, Gloria Calderon, and Royce are coming back too.

We’re all looking forward to the roller-coaster ride ‘One Day at a Time season 4’ is coming in to take us on. The show will release on March 24, 2020, at 9:3- Pm on Pop TV. However, after April 14 the show will move in the 9:00 PM time slot. Unlike Netflix, the episode of One Day at a Time season 4 will release weekly every Tuesday. That’s only a few weeks from now. Stay tuned with us for the latest news and updates on the show.

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