Ozark Season 3: Are You Ready For Bigger Drug Deals In Sequel?

Ozark Season 3 Updates

With wise words for business, Ozark Season 3 is renewed. The drug deals will grow bigger. Risks will be taken, Byrdes will face challenges again. Ozark Season 3 will bring all kind of action and adventure to the field.

The show got renewed for its third installment in October 2018. It is one of the most anticipated shows on Netflix. Therefore, no delays happened for the renewal of the show. The prior season ended with a lot of drama. Moreover, Byrdes have a lot on the line for their one of the biggest deals. Thus, the excitement for the show is building with every day passing by.

Will Ozark Spill Its Charm At Emmy’s Too?

When it comes to awards and nominations, Ozark had a fantastic season. The show’s star got nominated for Golden Globes. The first season of Ozark got Jason Bateman nominated for Best Actor and Best Director.

Ozark Season 2 has won many awards till now and led in one of the best drama series. However, Game Of Thrones Final Season is a massive contender for every award in every category. Though the Emmy’s are almost eight months away, we can still predict that Ozark will land many nominations.

Ozark Season 3

Does Wendy Have A Secret Mission?

Speculations have surfaced that Byrdes are going to have a huge family drama in Season 3. Moreover, Wendy will be in the center of all that. Well! Everybody knows how important the family bond is in the drug deals. Rumors are there that Wendy will be having a secret mission in Ozark Season 3. Jonah also has an interception in this secret. The consequences of keeping a secret from Marty will be exciting to watch in the third season of Ozark.

What We Know About Ozark Season 3

The Show Might Get A Late Premiere

Jason Bateman is on vacation with his family. The one man army of Ozark said in an interview that he would be off the screens till March. Therefore, the production of the show will begin a bit late than usual.

Another 10 Episode Season

Season 3 will consist of another 10 episodes of action, adventure in Byrdes’ life. The show maintained the legacy of the prior two seasons and didn’t extend the number of episodes for the series.

Ozark Season 3 Premiere Dates

Netflix has yet not announced any premiere dates for Ozark Season 3. However, it is confirmed that the series will air in 2019. It is expected that the Ozark will return in the last quarter of 2019 for its Season 3.


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