Ozark Season 3: Six Months Production Delay Could Hamper Delay In Release

Ozark Season 3

Fans are getting tired of waiting for Ozark Season 3. The second season premiered a year ago, and we haven’t heard anything major of its return. Sadly, we might have to wait a bit longer this time. The third season of the widely-appreciated series may not release this year. Moreover, Jason Bateman might be the reason behind the same.

Netflix introduced us to the Byrde family back in July 2017. And, to their illegal business in Ozarks, Missouri. Marty and Wendy Byrde alongside their children, moved from Chicago after a money-laundering scheme went wrong. Aside from the drug cartel that they run, the characters have also robbed our hearts. Ozark instantly became a fan-favorite soon after its debut. As of today, it remains to be one of the finest crime dramas on the streamer.

Will The Byrde Family Return?

While many of the fans are getting frustrated with the delay in release, some are questioning if Ozark Season 3 will actually return or not. Luckily, the series is destined to release and has already been confirmed. The renewal was announced back in October 2018. Moreover, the cast has already been filming for the next installment. They may take a while to be back, but the Byrde family will return for sure.

Why Is Ozark Season 3 Delayed?

Jason Bateman has had a massive contribution in the making of the series. Being a protagonist, director, and an executive producer all at the same time is not easy for any family man. The actor has put-in all his efforts, and we can see it in the show. After the incredible second season of the show, Bateman deserved some personal time for himself and his family and rightfully so. Hence, he took a break for a few months, which led to the delay in the release and production of Ozark Season 3.

Ozark Season 3

What Will Happen Next Season?

The next installment is going to be more exciting than you thought. As per showrunner Chris Mundy, Ozark Season 3 will pick up with Marty and Wendy struggling with their power dynamic. On the other hand, they will attempt to deal with the outside force as well.

Ozark Season 3

Moreover, Ozark Season 3 is set to have a new character that may cause a stir in the Byrde’s lives. Wendy’s impulsive brother, Ben Davis, will debut in the next installment. Marvel’s Iron Fist fame, Tom Pelphrey, will play one of the most-anticipated additions of the cast this time. As hinted in the previous seasons, the character has had some sort of mental illness in the past.

Ozark Season 3: 2020 Release

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The productions of the third season began back in late May 2019. The filming for the show usually takes almost six months to conclude, that is by the end of 2019. Hence, the installment may premiere around the beginning of 2020, after a delay of almost six months.

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