Poldark Season 5: Developments, Aidan’s New Look, Plot & Release Date

Poldark Season 5

There have been several speculations regarding Poldark Season 5, and the producers have hinted that this will be the last one of the series. This season will cover all the 12 parts of the book, the Poldark series. The lead character Ross Poldark, played by Aidan Turner, will return to Cornwall after The American War of Independence. The show had a glimpse in the drama trailer with Aidan having a stern look.

How Will Poldark Season 5 Be Framed?

For Season 5, creators have chosen Cornwall and Bristol as their shooting locations. Season 4 ended in the late 1790s in the seventh book ‘The Angry Tide.’ Now season 5 is parallel to the eighth novel ‘The Strangers from the Sea’ set in 1810, where Ross Poldark has now turned 50. His wife Demelza has turned 40, and she now with their children, Jeremy and Clowance await the advent of Ross from his mission to Wellington’s army in Portugal.

The ending of the book shows that after the death of Elizabeth, Ross tries to spend more time with his loved ones rather than thinking of Westminster. Also, it ends with the marriage proposals for one of Ross and Demelza’s children and the final season might also show all of Ross’s children getting married.

Ross in this season might go for his new territory as hinted by Pip Torrens, who played the character of Cary Warleggan, uncle of George Warleggan. The final season will revolve more around the younger generations of Poldark and Warleggan family. As Jeremy has turned 19, he wants to choose to engineer as a profession. To which Ross disagrees as he thinks it can prove dangerous in the future.

Aidan Turner With A Different Look

Aidan Turner, popularly known as Ross Poldark, took his fans by surprise when he reached the premiere of the show. The actor who has turned 35, was present at the premiere without his trademark curly hair. With that, one other change was that he had grown a thick beard in this time, after which fans could not identify him. He wore a pair of black jeans, a black Tshirt and boots. What we can understand from this look is that it may be because of the older Ross’s look which he will play in Poldark Season 5.

Poldark Season 5

Poldark Season 5: Developments That Fans Can Expect

This season, Ross would be focussing on his political career as he had been an elected Member of Parliament. He would also be looking after his mining business. BBC’s general drama trailer showed Ross in one of the scenes fighting someone with a sword. It means he could fight for his life in this season.

Poldark Season 5

Another development would be of the relationship between Ross and his rival, George Warleggan, after the death of Elizabeth. Also, the viewers will see that George is pretty unconvinced of her daughter Ursula. Because everyone had suspected that Ross Poldark was the father of Elizabeth’s daughter Valentine.

Poldark Season 5: Release Date

Fans can expect the release of Poldark Season 5 around late June this year. As this is a show based in the UK, BBC One will begin airing it. After that, the PBS network in the USA will premiere it somewhere around September. Poldark’s writer Debbie Horsfield implied that the show would have different stories than those in the book. The stories will be covering the happenings during the 10-year leap, which are not present in the book.


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