POWER SEASON 6: Everything You Need To Know This Before Premiere!

Power Season 6

Power Season 6 is just a few days away, and we know you’re excited to watch it. Hence, we have a few things for Power’s crazy fans to know before the Aug 25 premiere. The series will conclude with its sixth installment, giving Ghost and Tommy’s story a well-deserved end. However, S6 will not be as simple as you think. Much thrill and drama await us as Ghost returns to seek vengeance on last time.

Starz’s hit show Power debuted with a blast back in June 2014 and survived with dignity for five seasons. Fans of the show were generally not accepting the end of the series with only six installments. However, showrunners assured that Season 6 would be a rememberable conclusion to Ghost’s story. Hence, here’s everything you need to know before watching Aug 25 premiere.

1) Don’t Be Sad Because This Ain’t The End Of ‘Power’ Universe

Yes, the anticipated series is certainly not the end of the franchise. Show creator Courtney Kemp confirms that the show will have a few spin-off series in future. The earliest of them will be a prequel to the original. It is set to star Mary J. Blige alongside the well known regular cast member 50 Cent. He confirmed his return with posts on social media.

2) Power Season 6 Is Split Into Two Parts

The sixth and final installment of the show will be split into two parts. The first one will premiere on August 25, 2019, while the second will air in January 2020. Hence, don’t feel bad when the first part ends, as there are still a few episodes left as compensation. Fortunately, Power Season 6 will have fifty percent extra episodes this time. Starz is giving us 15 episodes in the finale season.

3) Ghost & Tommy’s Final Showdown

Ghost has been stuck with his loyalties and managing an illegal business at the same time. On the other hand, he has to deal with the breakdowns in his family as well. Although this time his drug partner and brother, Tommy has gone too far. Power Season 6 will mainly focus on Ghost’s vengeance after the heartbreaking Season 5 finale. However, the character must remain vigilant toward enemies from his past criminal enterprises.

Power Season 6

4) An Exciting New Character Will Join Power Season 6

Power Season 6 is set to have a new character to add some spice in the crime drama. Donna Murphy is set to join the cast of the final installment. The actress will play the role of a politician, Lorette Walsh. Moreover, Walsh will be running for the governor against Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate). It’ll be exciting to watch what troubles she creates for the crooked Councilman.

Power fans must gear-up before the power-packed final season hits the screen. Moreover, to catch up with the previous seasons, viewers have a few options to go besides the television channel. The series is available to binge on the Starz App. The installments are also accessible over Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube (Paid) and Netflix. Are you excited for the Aug 25 Premiere? Tell us in the comments below.

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