Prison Break Season 6: Time Jump, Cast Updates, Release & Spoilers

Prison Break Season 6

No one would’ve guessed that the iconic action thriller Prison Break Season 6 will return after long years of remaining off the screens. The Internet broke down, and fans went crazy after it came out. And finally, the revised version of 2005’s classic Prison Break returned with a bang in April 2017. It has been two years since that and Fox currently declared the renewal of Prison Break Season 6.

First four seasons of Fox’s popular show aired from 2005 to 2009, and they were ruling everybody’s minds. However, the showrunners concluded its story without leaving any doubts about the plotline. The fifth season came out as a surprise and featured fan-favorite characters reprising their roles all over again. Despite receiving negative/average reviews, Season 5 managed to gather most of Prison Break fans. But will the sixth season do justice to the long-gone serial drama?

The Story To Take A Time Jump This Time

Prison Break Season 6

According to some recent speculations, the new season will present its fans with an entirely new format. Moreover, it is said that it may be different from the rest of the five installments as well. Besides, as per Business Times, the new season might even have a time jump in order to complete the plot line of the series. The news was confirmed by Fox as they suggested that Prison Break Season 6 is going to be a new iteration of the show.

Prison Break series writer Scheuring revealed that the new season will feature the return of our favorite heroes. The old cast will be back for an iconic scene from the pilot installment. He added that he’s just finished the 601 script on his official Twitter handle. The talented writer reveals that Season 6 will take its fans to the beginning, that too to the very first frame.

Prison Break Season 6: Productions Details

Fox Network has already confirmed that the cast and crew have begun productions for the sixth installment. However, we were previously informed by Dominic Purcell himself via an Instagram post. The post read that Prison Break Season 6 is in the works. One month later, Fox made an official announcement about the filming.

Cast Updates And Spoilers

Fox made a statement that the sixth season will bring back the entire old cast of the iconic series. This means that Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows and Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield will be back to reprise their roles. Another important character, Sara Tancredi played by Sarah Wayne Callies has been in rumors for not returning back to the new installment. The beautiful actress has always been confused about her return to the show. However, we hope that she returns this time as her character is crucial to the storyline.

Prison Break Season 6

Moreover, as per recent reports, some possibilities claim that Alexander Mahone (William Fichtner) may return to the sixth season. Fans have pointed out and shown interest in wanting him back in the next installment. However, as he didn’t appear in the previous chapter, chances are low for him to be back on our screens again. Rumors appeared when he was seen sitting on Michael’s grave in Season 4 finale. Will we see him in the next series?

Prison Break Season 6: Premiere Date

After Fox’s previous statement about the productions, the TV network has kept mum on the season return. Hence, it is currently difficult to predict a particular premiere date. However, as the fifth season took a year to complete productions and release, Prison Break Season 6 may also take the same amount of time. Thus, we can expect the sixth installment to return by early 2020.

Prison Break has been an extremely important show for avid watchers. From keeping its poster on bedroom walls to waiting for each and every episode on the day of the telecast, the action drama played a substantial role for youngsters. Now, its return to television is shocking and brings back many memories for fans. Hence, we hope that the next season does justice to all the long-time fans.

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