‘Punisher Season 3’: Star Reveals Punisher Can Return After 2 Years, Marvel Ready For Sequel

Punisher Season 3
Marvel's The Punisher

Punisher Season 3: The Streaming War is On Now!! As Disney jumped into this war, it had a lot impact on Netflix’s Marvel character-based shows. Netflix canceled all these shows. The mighty Punisher also fall into that after a very successful two-season run. However, the fans anticipated the return of Veteran War hero on Disney+. Well, that’s not the case. A lot of complexity is involved with these shows and actors. Thus the future of Punisher Season 3 is not that definite for now!

In Early 2019, Netflix canceled the Punisher for Season 3. Despite the fact that the plan was already there for the third installment. However, Netflix pulled off on the show. With that said, everyone wants to know about the future of the show. Well, Punisher will be off our screens for a very long time, for now! Here are all the reasons behind this whole drama.

Marvel Was Up For It – Netflix Canceled Punisher Season 3

Netflix and Marvel Shows saw more drama than any other series in the past year. However, Punisher and Jessica Jones were the two shows which seemed like will pursue on Netflix. But in the end, Netflix pulled off on both the shows.

Marvel was interested in keeping Punisher going for another run. Royce Johnson, who portrayed the role of Detective Sergeant Brett Mahoney in Daredevil, Punisher, and Jessica Jones revealed some facts about it. Johnson said that he couldn’t be more thankful with the crew they had, but it was not a Marvel issue, it was Netflix that said that they are not moving forward.

Well, with Netflix not interested in pursuing, there’s another factor which will affect the return of the Punisher. Netflix has a contract which will ensure that you will not be able to see Frank Castle for a long time. As already stated – More n’ More Drama!

The Contract Vs. The Punisher Season 3

Renewal, Cancelling, Contract, Purging, there is everything in this story. Well, there is a contract which will not allow the characters to feature in any Non-Netflix shows. Moreover, this clause restricts them for the next 18 months to 2 years.

punisher season 3

Daredevil star Amy Rutberg also discussed this issue with Inverse. Rutberg said that there is this genuine contract with Netflix. Rutberg added that she had heard the restriction will be for 18 months, or maybe 2 years. She also said that the things might change if Marvel could buy them out. However, there are no such updates until now.

The Final Verdict on Punisher Season 3

Well, Netflix is not interested, Marvel can’t interfere, They might buy the character out of this clause; which is a big might. So for now, Punisher Season 3 will not be on our screens until the next year at least. There are very few chances of any alteration in this scenario. However, keeping in mind the fan-base of Punisher, we might see after the stated period.

Another issue with Punisher Season 3 is the whole team. There is still uncertainty that if Punisher returns for another round, will the entire team be assembled for that. The vigilante is hanging with a lot of if’s and but’s. Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite series.

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