Queer Eye Season 4: Who Are The Heroes? Everything Fans Need To Know

Queer Eye Season 4

Grab yourself a box of tissues before even thinking of binge-watching Queer Eye Season 4. We’re finally getting back on the emotional rollercoaster, and it’s going to be crazy. The Fab Five are meeting eight new heroes in the City of Fountains, Kansas City, Missouri. Yes, they’re arriving pretty early, and fans are truly happy. Here’s a warning beforehand, as Jonathan Van Ness says, try not to cry and try not to lose it this time.

Queer Eye debuted back last year in February. A reboot of the 2003’s series, ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy,’ the all-new reality show follows a pretty similar show pattern. It features a fresh set of the Fab Five, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Jonathan Van Ness. The five being the experts travel places to eight different heroes every season, to give them a makeover.

Queer Eye Season 4

The entire experience becomes very heart-whelming, not just the heroes but for the audiences as well. Fans love the format of the show, and thousands of them have shown their support throughout the Fab Five’s journey. We hope you’ve gathered all your emotional strength as there’s a lot to happen in the next season. Here’s everything to know.

When Is The Premiere?

To the delight of the fans, Netflix’s popular reality show usually takes a few months to return back to the screens. Queer Eye has had a pretty impressive pattern of release. The third season premiered just four months ago in March 2019. The Fab Five are arriving way too early this time. Season 4 of the empowering series premieres on the streamer on July 19, 2019.

Queer Eye Season 4: Official Trailer

The official trailer of the series is finally out! And it surely gives us chills. The entire video is filled with emotions as we get to watch a few scenes from the upcoming installment. Moreover, we get to meet the new heroes for Queer Eye Season 4. The Fab Five are full of energy and are ready for some life-changing makeovers to make, all over again.

Queer Eye Season 4: Jonathan And ‘His’ Hero

The all-new season is going to be extra-special for one of our favorites, Jonathan Van Ness. Season 4 is going to feature an episode where we meet Jonathan’s hero. The grooming expert and the group visit his old high school for his orchestra teacher’s transformation. Moreover, he gets emotional to do this for someone very respectful and close to his heart. He even mentions that she has saved many lives, including his own. We’ll truly be glad to meet her next season.

Meet The Heroes Of Season 4

Netflix recently released another teaser of the new season, introducing us to the eight new heroes. All of them, including Jonathan’s orchestra teacher, Kathi are from Kansas City. Each one of them has a unique and motivational story to tell. Hence, meet the Heroes of Queer Eye Season 4.

Without Further Ado – Kathi
Disabled But Not Really – Wesley
Stoner Skates By – John
How Wanda Got Her Groove Back – Wanda
On Golden Kenny – Kenny
A Tale Of Two Cultures – Deanna
A Soldier Returns Home – Brandonn
Farm To Able – Matt

This is not it. Queer Eye is ready to tell a lot more stories in the future. Season 5 of the unique reality show is greenlit and will soon arrive on Netflix. The streamer is yet to announce a firm date. However, as per its pattern of release, the fifth installment may soon be available by early 2020.


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