Ray Donovan Season 7: Every Update About The Upcoming Season

Ray Donovan Season 7

As Ray said – He is not the kind of Guy you fire. Well! Marking his words, Ray will return for Ray Donovan Season 7. Showtime has renewed the series for its seventh installment. Let’s just establish a fact first – The sixth season has recently ended and it doesn’t seem enough for anyone. The mediator was at his best in this season.

The show moved to New York after five seasons in Los Angeles. Ray decided to go to the city of dreams after Abby’s death. Her death left Donovan is an utter shock. The sixth season of the show was all about finding their roots. Fans saw the Donovans finding their trail back to one another. The past is still not leaving Ray. He again ended up working with Winslow. Therefore, once again killing people for the profit of others.

Ray Donovan Season 7 – Character Details & Roles

A lot of news has surfaced about the characters of the show. Some are getting more significant roles. Some have a short but crucial role to play. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Dr. Amiot

Ray Donovan Season 7

Showrunner David Hollander, in an interview with TV Line, revealed new character details. He told about Alan Alda’s more prominent role in Ray Donovan Season 7. In Season 6, we saw Ray calling Dr. Amiot for regular therapy.

Alda’s character stands as a father figure for Ray. Moreover, their bond adds a unique emotional essence to the plot. Season 7 of the show will feature more scenarios of that.

Hollander also said that he is further interested in the value Ray have for Amiot. What impact does it make on him? Moreover, the consequences of that with Ray’s other relationship.

Ed Ferratti

Ray Donovan Season 7

Ed Ferratti can have a crucial role in Season 7. Zach Grenier characterises Ferratti. The rivalry between Ed and Ray will be an essential aspect to watch. It is expected to grow further in the upcoming season.

Mickey Donovan

Ray Donovan Season 7

Mickey Donovan’s fate will presumably take him to Prison this time. So does that mean we will see last of Mickey? Well! The answer is no. Hollander assured that Jon Voight’s character will always be around the show. This confirms that fans will see more of Mickey Donovan in Season 7.

Rest Of The Cast

Along with Liev Schreiber, Eddie Marsan, Pooch Hall, Dash Mihok, Katherine Moennig, Kerris Dorsey, and Graham Rogers, and Devon Bagby will return in action.

Will Ray Donovan Season 7 Be The Last Installment Of Series?

Speculations have surfaced that Ray Donovan Season 7 is going to be the last season of the show. However, this doesn’t seem to be factually correct.

The sixth season of the show has gathered a massive audience. The show is still top-rated. Moreover, it has abundant plots to pursue for further seasons.

Showtime has its classic shows like Shameless and Homeland for around seven to nine seasons. Therefore, it doesn’t fit that Ray Donovan Season 7 will conclude the series.

Ray Donovan Season 7 Premiere Date

Rumours are around that the production for the seventh installment of the show will begin in Spring. However, No official confirmation was given by Showtime for the premiere date of Ray Donovan Season 7. Although, the show is anticipated to make a comeback either in the last quarter of 2019 or in Early 2020.

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