Riverdale Season 4: Leaving Netflix, Air Date, And New Cast Additions

Riverdale Season 4

#Varchie or #Veggie? Well, let “Riverdale Season 4” decide what’s coming for Veronica. While Season 3 is still running, The CW is up with some good news for the fans. Riverdale will soon be back to take us on many more dark adventures. The new season is sure to bring various conjectures with it.

Inspired by the famous Archie Comics, the television series premiered back in 2017 on The CW. The intense drama became an instant hit by attracting youngsters from all over the world. Moreover, Netflix helped it to reach a global audience.

The third season of the series was a shock to all the viewers. From creepy monsters to controversial breakups, Season 3 has been a dramatical roller-coaster. We saw Veronica (Camila Mendes) choosing Reggie (Charles Melton) over Archie (KJ Apa). Whereas, the latest episode features our redhead Archie falling for Josie (Ashleigh Murray).

Riverdale Season 4 is expected to blow our minds with many more twists and turns coming up. So here we have everything you can know about the fourth installment.

Riverdale Season 4 Renewal

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre announced the renewal of the teen drama via his Twitter account. In a tweet, he confirms that the team will continue telling stories via Riverdale Season 4. The tweet was posted on January 31, 2019, after the release of Season 3’s tenth episode.

Riverdale Season 4: Is Riverdale Leaving Netflix?

The previous three seasons were a hit on Netflix. The mystery series gained numerous viewers via popular streaming platform. However, according to recent reports, the show may leave Netflix to telecast on a different channel.

Show-producer WarnerMedia announced that The CW shows will now be shifting to their own streaming platform. The upcoming WarnerMedia streaming channel is yet to be named. This creates possibilities that the show may not be available on Netflix anymore.

Riverdale’s contract with Netflix ends this spring which will make it easier to shift it on the unnamed platform. More details about the shift are yet to be revealed. However, the news is still not made official from Netflix’s side.

Riverdale Season 4: New Additions To The Cast

The story of Season 3 is yet to conclude. However, the episodes that have been released, hint of many cast additions. Alice (Mädchen Amick) and Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) mention Edgar Evernever very often. However, we haven’t seen the characters on-screen even once.

Through an Instagram post, actor Chad Michael Murray confirms his appearance as Mr. Evernever. Hence, Murray may be a new cast addition. Also, the character Edgar runs a secret cult known as the farm. Thus, fans may get to see several unknown faces as the farm members.

According to reports, actor Ashleigh Murray who plays Josie on the show, may not appear anymore. Ashleigh is joining another The CW show which may release soon. This creates fewer chances that she will still work on Riverdale. However, since she is now Archie’s love interest, the show may not lose her at this point in the story.

Riverdale Season 4

Riverdale Season 4 Release Date

The popular show is yet to release the remaining ten episodes of Season 3. The new season will take a while to premiere. However, the previous seasons released in January and October since 2017. Hence, as per the pattern, the upcoming season may have an October 2019 release. Although, The CW is yet to declare a firm Riverdale Season 4 premiere date.

Riverdale is one of the most appreciated shows on The CW. The series gained a massive viewership over time. Our favorite characters will soon be back with new mysteries.

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