Riviera Season 3: Latest Updates, Cast Details, Plot, Release Date

Riviera Season 3

After running successfully for two seasons, Sky renewed its most successful TV show. Riviera Season 3 will be the next installment of the series. The audience is very much excited to hear the renewal news about the third season.

Riviera is an Irish drama series of Sky Atlantic. The show is set in the French Riviera, follows an American art curator Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles). Her life takes a drastic turn after the death of his billionaire husband Constantine Clios in a yacht accident. As a consequence, Georgina delves in a world of lies, double-dealing, and crime. Also, she tries to uncover the actual truth about her husband’s death.

The show debuted in June 2017 and became Sky’s most successful original drama to date. The second season premiered in May 2019.

Riviera Season 3: The New Season Will Cross Borders 

The show is set to move from France’s Cote d’Azur to an international stage, according to the reports. Julia will move from the glamour of the Riviera to Venice and Argentina. Also, the filming is speculated to begin this fall.

The lead of the show, Julia will also act as the executive producer for the third season. She also expressed her enthusiasm for the next season as “You’d think that there was nothing left for the Riviera to throw at Georgina but series three is our most ambitious yet.”

Riviera Season 3: Cast Details

Riviera Season 3The characters, who survived in the second season, will likely be seen in the third one. The audience will see Will Arnett (Arrested Development) making his debut in the second season as Georgina’s charismatic uncle, Jeff. Also, World War Z actor Grégory Fitoussi will make his appearance as a handsome and mysterious love interest called Noah. Along with Julia, the remaining cast members might come back in the third season.

Riviera Season 3: Plot Details

The third season will take a roll and move forward from Cote d’Azur. According to the network authorities, the new series will see Julia Stiles take the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera around the globe, as her character Georgina Clios tries to escape the devastation the Riviera has wrought on her.

The current season will see the Eltham, an aristocratic English family entering into the scene. They have some dark secrets of their own, and therefore, they’ll cause mischief around Georgina.

As the second season just started airing, so there is not much to discuss the plot for the third season. But this is sure that the third season will also bring some solid drama and content for its audience.

Riviera Season 3: Premiere Date

It seems like the third season will take quite some time to set its foot. The second season is still in the run. Therefore, Riviera Season 3 is expected to release in the mid-2020.


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