Shameless Season 9: South Side Warriors Are Up For Another Battle

Shameless Season 9

Shameless Season 9 is just a day away from its premiere. The Season 9 will be returning after a mid-season break. The mid-season episodes of Season 9 saw the whole world falling apart in Gallaghers’ life. Well! This is how this dysfunctional family operates. Fiona is a complete mess. Ian has left. Frank is chasing someone again. Everything appears in the wrong equation.

Shameless Season 9 is reported as the last Season of Fiona. Emmy Rossum portrays the character of Fiona Gallagher. Showtime updated that Rossum will be leaving the show after Season 9. Moreover, this is back-to-back damages to Shameless. One of the lead casts has already left the show.

Troubles Are Coming From All Direction For Gallaghers

Shameless Season 9 will pursue with the plot of Fiona’s exit. However, that doesn’t seem to be the only problem. In the latest trailer for the show, we saw a confrontation between Frank and his Children. The reason behind that – Frank might become a father again!!!! Yes, you read that right. It looks like 7 Children are not enough for Frank.

The Gallaghers kids are facing bankruptcy. They have anger issues. They are sexually confused, and a teen mom is also there. The Powergirl to rescue- Fiona is herself in pretty bad shape. As usual, watching the South-side warriors finding their way, will be exciting in Shameless Season 9.

Fiona’s Exit From The Show

The biggest question mark of Shameless Season 9 is Fiona’s exit. Fiona recently found out that her boyfriend Ford is married with a kid. This kept Fiona in utter shock. Fiona is now dealing with multiples dilemmas.

The Retirement House

Fiona requires $25,000 for her retirement home investment. However, the bank refused to give her the amount. She hardly has anything in the safe at the diner. It seems like Fiona is going to lose her apartment.

Fight With Ford

Fiona also got in a fight with Ford, after lying to him. Fiona tries to make-up with him. She tracks Ford’s location. When Fiona reach there, she comes to find out that Ford is already married with a kid. Devasted Fiona crashes her car into another vehicle. She is fine physically, but her mental status is still in doubt.

Not Able To Meet Ian

Due to her feud with Ford, Fiona was not able to meet Ian. Ian left for the jail without meeting her. This is going hurt Ian’s Big Sister a lot.

Recent Situation Of Fiona

The teaser for Shameless Season 9 also features Fiona in a distressed situation. She is drinking a lot, passing out and what not. We might say that ‘Fiona will pull out a Frank.’

Will Fiona Get A Happy Ending In Shameless Season 9

Well answer to this question is a bit tricky. According to Elite Daily, William H. Macy has given a sneak peek to the exit of Fiona. He said that John Wells, showrunner of Shameless was prepared to give Fiona the classic goodbye scene with all character. Macy added that we are moving towards the last episode and everyone has an idea about their last scene with Emmy. To that, John replied – let me take care of it. Macy defined the finale script as Genius.

Premiere Date Of Shameless Season 9

Shameless Season 9 will come back from its mid-season break on 20th January 2019. Everyone will be up to see how Fiona and other Gallaghers will turn things around this Season.

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