Shetland Season 5: Spoilers, Cast Updates and Show News

Shetland Season 5

Shetland is back with its fifth season for another ride of adventure and thrill. Shetland Season 5 just premiered on February 12, 2019, with episodes airing every Tuesday on BBC One. The sixth season will have only six episodes in the queue, unlike its previous seasons. The British crime drama concluded its fourth season in March 2018.

Shetland is one of the most picturesque murder mystery drama. The show is based on the novels by Ann Cleeve on the Scottish Islands. The first season of the series premiered in 2013 and came back with its fifth season on the audience demand. The fifth season is set on the eighth and final book of Ann Cleeve’s, called Wild Fire. 

Casts Of Shetland Season 5:

As DI Jimmy Perez, Douglas Henshall leads the cast as the chief detective on each of the cases. The other regular cast members will join Perez including Sandy Wilson (Steven Robertson), Alison McIntosh (Alison O’Donnell), and Rhona Kelly (Julie Graham), and James Perez (Bill Paterson). John Lynch, Nina Sosanya, Erin Armstrong, Lewis Howden, Mark Bonnar, and Anne Kidd could also be seen in Shetland Season 5.

About The Plot Of Shetland Season 5:

In the very first episode premiered, a young man was waiting for someone on a hill just in the beginning. Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez identifies the victim from the beach as soon as he kept all the pieces together. The victim is a Young Nigerian man called Daniel Ugara, which will reveal after some time. But when Perez dig in the Daniel’s social media accounts and e-mails, some more truths unravel. The murder will somehow uncover an extensive network of associated crime.

But perhaps the discovery of various barrels of lye at Carla Hayes’s old and evil CH scrap metal yard, where the late Daniel had come looking for an unknown girl. Besides, the aversion of Prentice Hayes (Owen Whitelaw) was very fake. From this one had to conclude that this had to be misdirection, leading Jimmy and us off on a wild goose hunt. Moreover, the bag containing Daniel’s head also had some traces of cocaine. This also prompts suspicions towards some drug dealing racket. All the shreds of evidence will lead to so many questions, and Perez has to find out all the answers to solve the mystery murderer and the cause behind it.

In the previous season of Shetland, the investigating team traveled all the way to Norway for a case. However, for the next season, they are intently back to Shetland, Scotland. Speaking to the Express after season four premiere in March 2018, writer David Kane stated that now they have a more extended format for Shetland and can no longer use the books as source material.

Trailer of Shetland Season 5:

BBC had released the trailer of Shetland season 5 three weeks before the premiere of the season. According to the trailer, the fifth season of the series sets out to solve a horrific murder case. It involves the discovery of dismantled body parts washing up around the beach. When an early-morning jogger trips across a severed hand and a bag of body parts on the beach, the investigation begins from there.

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