Southern Charm Season 7: Production Officially Delayed, Kathryn and Thomas’s Lawsuit & More

Southern Charm Season 7

The sixth season of Southern Charm wrapped up in August. And as per the pattern followed, the cast of the show is supposed to begin filming for Southern Charm Season 7. However, things does not seem right this year, as the production for the next installment of Bravo has officially delayed. Check out more updates below.

Bravo hasn’t officially announced a new season of Southern Charm yet. However, several cast members will be hosting a Southern Charm-style brunch at BravoCon. With the departure of Thomas Ravenel from the previous season because of sexual allegations, the channel saw a degraded rating. However, Southern Charm still tops and serves as the highest-rated show of the channel.

Southern Charm Season 7: Delayed Production In Search of New Faces

As per recent reports, the production for the upcoming season of Southern Charm has officially delayed. That is because the producers of the show are in search of new faces for Southern Charm Season 7. According to an inside source, Bravo is searching for new cast members. Also, there are not any story-lines that they want to cover right now. And, none of the cast members is filming as they are waiting to have the news from the officials.

Shep Rose also addressed the forthcoming season in The Ross Bolen Podcast. He revealed the same information that the typical filming cycle has yet to commence.

Conclusion Over Kathryn’s Lawsuit

There’s one more reason for the delay of Southern Charm Season 7. As we got to know, producers are in wait to have the conclusion over Kathryn Dennis’ custody battle with Thomas Ravenel. Kathryn and Thomas are stuck in a dirty court battle for over a year. They recently agreed over 50-50 custody that requires Kathryn to care for their two children, Kensington and Saint Julien, with a nanny present.

Kathryn Dennis

Previously, when Kathryn filed in for the solo custody of her children, Thomas filed a lawsuit against Bravo TV and his Southern Charm production company. He did this in order to keep Kathryn’s statements about their issues off of the show’s future episodes.

Also, as revealed by The Inquisitr, the former couple’s custody battle took an ugly turn this past summer, when Thomas put allegations on her former girlfriend. Thomas accused her via his attorney that she has addiction of prescript medications, marijuana, alcohol, shopping and sex. To which, Kathryn opened up later via her attorney as “Kathryn denies all of this, and I believe that the submissions to the Court that we have made discredit such allegations.”

Craig Conover on Southern Charm Season 7

Craig Conover

In a recent interview with US Weekly, the star of the show, Craig discussed the possible future of Southern Charm Season 7. As he stated, “I don’t think I am supposed to tell you that yet.” This statement almost cleared that the show would return for the upcoming season soon. Craig also added that “I’m excited that if it comes back, this will be the first year that I’m doing anything successfully, there was a lot of times that I was doing stuff, but it was half-assed.”

Southern Charm Season 7: Release Date

Southern Charm Season 7 will likely air on Bravo TV sometime mid-year, in 2020. The fans are waiting to hear the good news on the filming details of the upcoming season of Southern Charm.

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