Special Season 1: Netflix’s Another Contribution To LGBTQ Community

Special Season 1

“No More Closets.” It time to get out of the closet as nobody deserves to be in one because of their sexual orientation or disability. Netflix makes another brave contribution to the LGBTQ community with another empowering show. The upcoming series ‘Special Season 1,’ not only reverences being gay, but it also talks about Cerebral Palsy. Moreover, the new show is ready to tackle several serious issues in a fun way (what Netflix loves to do).

‘Special’ is based on Ryan O’Connell’s memoir called I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves. O’Connell makes his acting debut and plays himself in the new Netflix Original. He is also the executive producer in the show. As the title suggests, we all know that this series is going to be really special for him.

A Brief Preview About The Show

Ryan Kayes, the central character of the show is a gay man with cerebral palsy. The story talks about his life and experiences as he tries to come out of his closet. Ryan begins his new life by moving away from his helicopter mother, to his first apartment. Also, the show puts its focus on his first real job and how he begins exploring his interests in dating men.

The show is actually a comedy and is described as a semi-autobiography. Moreover, it is fun and exciting as it looks in the trailer. ‘Special’ is not just for people with cerebral palsy or for the LGBT community. It can be relatable and fascinating for everybody, irrespective of their sexual orientation or disability.

Special Season 1: Cast

The ensemble cast of the show includes Ryan O’Connell as the lead Ryan Kayes. It also casts Jessica Hecht as Karen Kayes, Ryan’s mother. Moreover, actress Punam Patel will play his co-worker and friend, Kim Laghari. Also, actress Marla Mindelle will be seen as Olivia. Moreover, Patrick Fabian from Better Call Saul will also join the cast as Phil.

Special Season 1: Netflix’s LGBTQ Breakthrough 

Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms today. It has hundreds of shows that tackle serious issues, the platform empowers many communities. Moreover, with popular shows like Orange Is The New Black, Sex Education, Riverdale etc. Netflix gives equality to the LGBTQ community. Special is one of the recent series that talk about being a gay man and having cerebral palsy.

Trailer And Poster

Netflix recently released a trailer on their official YouTube and social media accounts. The show looks exciting and comic as per the trailer. Ryan O’Connell gives an impressive performance as his first acting role. Also, the official poster is admirable, and fans look forward to the release of the series.

Special Season 1 Release Date 

The new show is all set to release on the streaming platform. It will have eight episodes, and each one is expected to be 30 minutes long. Special Season 1 will be ready to binge watch on April 12, 2019.

Fans have high expectations from the show as the trailer looks very promising. Special can be one of the shows that have a lasting effect on the audience. This Netflix Original is distinctive and uplifting as it tags, ‘Why be normal when you can be Special?’ Hopefully, the new series will help a lot of people to get out of the closet.