Star Season 4: What Is Actually Happening With The Show? Will Any Other Network Pick Up The Show?

star season 4

With quite so many renewals and cancellation news, the audience of Star is in a lot of confusion. The Fox has dropped Star Season 4, and since then the show’s status is in the midst. The third season of the show just ended last month and from then, the fans are eagerly waiting for any good news about Star Season 4.

The third season averaged 3.5 million viewers with 1.06 demo rating, which was down from the second season’s ratings. However, these numbers were not enough for the network to renew the show. And Unfortunately, Fox canceled Star Season 4. Along with Star, they also axed other series, including The Passage, Lethal Weapon and The Cool Kids.

The show is a musical television drama which revolves around three talented sisters who steer their music business to success. Jude Demorest (as Star Davis), Brittany O’Grady (as Simone Davis Rivera), and Ryan Destiny (as Alexandra Crane Jones) star on the show along with Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt, Amiyah Scott, and Quincy Brown.

Still, the fans are unclear why the show got canceled? What happened in the previous season? What could have supposedly happened in the fourth season? and lots more. Let’s find answers to all these questions below.

Star Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled?

After the cancellation by Fox, the show has been forwarded to so many other networks so that they would pick up the series for another run. Creator Lee Daniels tried his best to revive the show and asked his fans to keep praying for the revival.

However, he made a final announcement with the unfortunate cancellation news for the fourth season. According to him, he tried his best to save the show; however, he couldn’t save the show.

Why Star Season 4 Was Canceled?

Despite being one of the most successful shows of Fox, the show got canceled. The show demands quite much money because of its large cast team. It also comprises quite some elaborate musical numbers which need a lot of money, and the network was not able to put this all together. Moreover, Fox, following the Disney acquisitions, no longer had the in-house ownership it once did, and there was no reason for them to keep it economically.

What Fans Have Seen So Far In The Series?

The third season of Star ended on a massive cliffhanger. The show witnessed a horrific state where Ruby died and the other’s lives hanging in the balance. It also gave an emotional Ruby’s special moment with her grandson Derek (Quincy Brown) before she died. She got into a tense standoff with her dead rapist’s associates, who wanted to avenge their fellow gangster’s demise.

star season 4

Meanwhile, Olivia (Kayla Smith) appeared on Derek (Quincy Brown) and Alex’s wedding to ruin their big day. However, she did not succeed in her mission. After that, Bankhead gang members emerged and opened fire to everyone, including Cassie (Brandy), Angel (Evan Ross), and Mateo (William Levy). And also, Star and Noah (Luke James) decided to raise their son together, however, the kid got kidnapped.

Even so, the fans are still keeping their hopes up for Star Season 4. By looking through its worldwide success and huge fan base, any other network might change their mind and renew the show.