Stranger Things Season 3: Craziest Spoilers, Plot Details & Release Date

Stranger Things Season 3

We’re exactly a month away from the release of one of the creepiest shows on Netflix. Stranger Things Season 3 is fast arriving, and fans are getting much curious day by day. Every minute without knowing what’s going to happen next is unbearable. Hence, here we are with all the craziest spoilers about the upcoming installment that will literally blow your minds away.

Stranger Things Season 3

Initially released back in 2016, Stranger Things gave birth to a bunch of stranger and creepier things. From Demogorgons to Mind-flayers and Demodogs, Netflix’s sci-fi series introduced many frightful creatures. But guess what? There’s going to be another disgusting and scary monster in Season 3. Besides, we don’t know if we should feel scared or fascinated about the coming installment.

Stranger Things Season 3: Plot Details

‘Stranger Things’ kids are no longer kids anymore. They’re grown-ups now and hence, many more challenges are coming up for them. Season 3 will feature the fictional town Hawkins ahead in the time since the last season. Things have changed now, and new friendships have developed over time. Everything that happened in the previous installment has majorly affected all the characters.

Hawkins has attracted several dangers with the opening of a new local mall, Starcourt. Steve now works at an ice cream store at the mall. Eleven and Max are clearly best-friends now, while Max-Lucas and Mike-Eleven are sweethearts since Season 2. Dustin is still jealous of Max and Lucas but shares true friendship with Steve. Moreover, Lucas’ sister now has a larger role to play in the upcoming installment.

Stranger Things Season 3

Grieving Joyce probably plans to move out of this wicked town, while Hopper hopes that she doesn’t. Moreover, there are chances that Hopper might have kept some secrets about his late daughter as well. Many more numbers, aka test subjects other than Eleven and Kali, may emerge in the upcoming season. On the other hand, the most important thing to notice this time will be the new monster from the Upside Down. Hence, here’s how the threats in the latest installment may turn out to be.

Stranger Things Season 3: What Is The New Monster?

Recent trailers and teasers of Stranger Things Season 3 constantly hint that a new monster is all ready to haunt Hawkins. This latest creature is still undescribed by the showrunners. However, as per our in-depth trailer analysis, we can surely assess how it might have entered the real world in the show. This connects a lot of known character from the show and the unnatural happenings in the town.

Stranger Things Season 3

Fans over the internet highly suspect that the new creature from the Upside Down is spreading some disease or plague in the real world. The title of one of the episodes called “The Mall Rats” also suggests that the disease might be spread via these rats. Moreover, a few scenes from the trailer hint that one such rodent might’ve bitten Max’s evil brother Billy.

Billy had a smaller role to play in Season 2. However, the character had a much impactful presence, and fans expected him to have a more significant part in Season 3. As the trailer suggests, Billy has been infected with a bite that is spreading at a much faster and painful scale. This might turn the wicked villain into a much evil version of himself. Moreover, the people of the town are now in danger to have this new infection.

On the other hand, there are chances that once the bite has entirely affected a human, it might give control to the new creature (or Mind Flayer) to manipulate its victims. If the theory comes out to be true, then Stranger Things Season 3 is going to be much more fun than ever. Also, we hope that the kids reunite to fight against this latest monster again.

When Is It Finally Releasing?

The new season of one of the greatest shows on Netflix has taken longer than fans could wait this time. Season 2 released back in October 2017, and we’ve been counting days since then. Fortunately, the streaming platform has confirmed the premiere date. Stranger Things Season 3 is all set to hit our screens on July 4, 2019. We hope that the upcoming installment fits the expectations and turns out to be as convincing as the previous two.


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