Stranger Things Season 4: ‘It’ll Be Exciting,’ Says Duffer Brothers, Release Date

Stranger Things Season 4

We know you’ve binged the entire third season already. Hence, if you’re looking for Stranger Things Season 4 insights, you’ve reached the right place. There had been much buzz around the July 4 release of Season 3. It gathered over 40 million people in just four days, and 18 million people had already binged it by then. Fans are now craving for another installment and to know what happens next. Hence, here we have some spicy details about the upcoming season.

Fans had waited for almost 20 months until the grand premiere of Netflix’s sci-fi series. Stranger things being one of the most successful shows on the streamer, has now raised the bar of expectations. A lot of things happened in the previous season that literally blew our minds. Fans have various questions about the way Season 3 ended. Fortunately, the Duffer Brothers have finally spoken about their plans of Stranger Things Season 4.

Is Stranger Things Season 4 Happening?

Even after bringing in much success for the streaming platform, Stranger Things Season 4 is yet to get an official renewal. However, it’s highly likely that the season can be greenlit any time soon. On the other hand, creators Ross and Matt Duffer have already thought about another season. Infact, they’ve previously agreed to having plans for more installments.

Stranger Things Season 4

Moreover, in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, the Duffer Brothers have discussed their plans for Season 4. Ross Duffer explained that they currently are in early discussions with the writers of the show. He even agrees to having the broad strokes of the plot and will begin to fill in those lines in the details. Moreover, the Duffer brother adds that the new season will be much different from the previous ones. However, he believes that ‘It’ll be exciting.’

Stranger Things Season 3 Can Be Out Of Hawkins

The Duffer Brothers have also agreed that the fourth season of the show plans to move out of Hawkins as well. They elaborate that Season 4 is going to open up a bit. Moreover, this would not just be in the aspects of filmmaking and special effects. It will also apply to allowing plotlines into areas outside of Hawkins.

The story of the series upto the previous season has entirely focused on the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Moving out of supernatural town will be experimental and will allow the plotline to expand. As of the Season 3 finale, Joyce (Winona Ryder) has moved out of Hawkins along with her children and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). This angle justifies the ideas and hints that Season 4 will take us to a new town as well.

When Will Season 4 Return On Netflix?

Stranger Things is a big tease when it comes to making us wait. The second installment released comparatively earlier than Season 3 which took 20 months to be back. As of now, chances are meager for an early return this season. Moreover, it’s highly unlike for Stranger Things Season 4 to appear before 2021.

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Season 3 of Stranger Things brought hundreds of fun moments to remember until the new season arrives. The anticipations for the next installment are pretty high already. We hope that Stranger Things Season 4 arrives early this time.


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