Supergirl Season 5: New Cast Additions, Plot Details, Premiere Date

supergirl season 5

With Supergirl Season 5 incoming, the fans are eager to know more and more about the upcoming season. And this year’s San Diego Comic-Con brought in quite many news for the fans of Supergirl. Let us check all the updates for Supergirl Season 5 from San Diego Comic-Con.

Trailer Released At Comic-Con

The official trailer for the fifth season of Supergirl premiered at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer came out as a surprise for the fans of the show. After watching the trailer, the fans are more curious to see what will happen and how the Girl of Steel will take care of everything that is happening around her.

Midnight In Supergirl Season 5

The fifth season of Supergirl will feature the super-villain Midnight to stand against the Supergirl. Van Helsing star Jennifer Cheon Garcia is going to play Midnight. She is a murderous villain who is released from the prison of some another world. She came out to have her revenge against the person who put her there.

supergirl season 5

Though, it seems like Midnight will be a whole different person and not like that of comic books. In comics, the character is not this heinous. Instead, she portrays as a vigilante.

New Additions In Supergirl Season 5

supergirl season 5

Along with Jennifer, Veronica Mars star Julie Gonzalo has also joined the series. She will play Andrea Rojas, also known as super-powered vigilante Acrata. She is a polished businesswoman and even successor of Central America tech empire. Acrata has power or artifact that gives her the power of teleportation. Also, Staz Nair (Game of Thrones) will also debut in Supergirl Season 5 as William Dey.

supergirl season 5

Lena’s discovery about Kara being Supergirl

Show-runner Jessica Queller teased about the relation between Lena and Kara after that massive revelation in the fourth season. The finale of the fourth season ended with Lex Luthor unveiling about Kara identity of being Supergirl in front of Lena.

This news definitely upset Lena, as her best friend hid this big secret from her. Talking to Digital Spy at San Diego Comic-Con, Jessica revealed that one of the central stories this season is the friendship between Lena and Kara and whether or not it can survive.

supergirl season 5

This is also big for Lena because that was the one thing and she has made clear to her friends from the beginning. Also, the way she found out about the news was one of the worst ways, and she feels betrayed. This will definitely disturb their friendship.

Supergirl Season 5: Will Focus More On Kara’s Journalist Side

The upcoming season of the series will feature Kara’s work as journalist equally as her role as Girl of Steel for National City. Previous season also saw Kara using her powers as a journalist to reveal Lex Luthor’s true intentions. Therefore Supergirl Season 5 will continue to delve more into Kara’s real life, as a journalist.

The lead of the show, Mellisa Benoist also discussed the same. According to her, Kara is always hungry to get to the bottom and find the truth, but she also thinks that more than ever, the pen to her is sometimes mightier than the cape. She also believes that this will be a little more conceptually inspiring for audiences, inspiring in the sense of you too can be a hero. As she stated, you don’t need superpowers to be heroic; it’s about speaking truth to power.

Other than this, Leviathan, the shadowy dark organization is already waiting to create chaos. Also, the fifth season will also deal with technology as the main antagonist. However, we know that Supergirl will flash water on their wicked intentions and save the people of National City.

Supergirl Season 5: Premiere Date

Supergirl Season 5 is scheduled to premiere on October 6, 2019. The fifth season will follow the series premiere of Batwoman on The CW. Till then stay tuned for future updates.


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