Supernatural Season 15: Final Villain, Anime Series, Plot, Release Date And Everything

Supernatural Season 15

Some TV shows can never be enough for the fans. One of which is Supernatural, which got renewed on CW Network for Supernatural Season 15. If we see the viewership for every episode of Season 14, it has never gone below 1.3 Million. So the figures speak for the popularity that the series has gained. In the previous season, the show crossed the milestone of 300 episodes till now which is rare. And it also became the longest running American live-action fantasy TV series.

The series follows the lives of two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who are on a hunt to kill demons, monsters, and other evils. Currently, the showrunners for the series are Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer. Filming of the show takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The fans will be ecstatic to see the news of renewal as they get to experience the dark fantasy series once more.

Characters Who Are Returning For Final Season

Supernatural Season 15 may fancy the incoming of a few of the characters from the previous seasons. Whether it is for good or bad for the Winchester brothers, time will tell. John Winchester, the father of Dean and Sam, had revived his role in the last season. Although he had reunited with his wife Mary in heaven, his return could be possible as he is the main reason that the brothers became hunters. But for the brothers to reunite with their parents, there seems a chance of their decease.

Among the lead characters, Jensen Ackles would like to see Adam (Jake Abel) again. Adam, the third Winchester brother, had got trapped in the cage in Hell. There is also an important character, a bad guy from the show’s early days who is now free to ramble Earth. Jared Padalecki, in an interview, answered a question on the return of Azazel to torment the demon hunters. Jared enthuses, “That’d be awesome! He (Fredric Lehne) is an amazing actor”. He asked the interviewer to pass on the idea to the writer as well.

Supernatural Season 15: God – The Final Villain

The producers have confirmed on the news that with this season, the unbeaten run of the series will also come to an end. As the fans witnessed a shocker in the finale of Season 14 with God revealed himself as an indifferent being that disassociated himself with humankind. After that, the brothers reacted fiercely resulting in God unleashing the inhabitants from inferno onto the Earth.

Supernatural Season 15

Therefore, God, as a villain, will be appropriate to watch as he is responsible for the brothers’ struggle. And while encountering God, the brothers will confront the root cause of everything they have come across. The series needs a compelling villain, and that is why God is an ideal final enemy for the Winchesters to handle. As the producers should build the Supernatural’s closing run on the premise of as high stakes as possible.

Supernatural Season 15: Release Date & Anime Series

The final phase of this impactful series will premiere in fall of 2019. Initially, the crew had designed a five-season plan for the series. But as the series progressed in a fruitful direction, it now can boast of completing fifteen seasons with a well-directed storyline. Hopefully, the fans will behold the best finish possible for the Winchester brothers as they will have a lot of entities to stand.

But, until waiting for the final Supernatural Season 15, anime lovers can also experience the Supernatural’s anime show airing on CW Network. The official confirmation was put up by Supernatural’s Twitter account.


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