Superstore Season 6 Renewed By NBC! All The Things That May Happen In The Installment

Superstore season 6
There’s a piece of good news for you, our dear Superstore fans! NBC has renewed the show for Superstore season 6. The show is still on the run for the fifth installment, where 14 episodes are already out. So, even if the show is about to conclude, we know that there is one more on the way.
The show Superstore is about a group of employees who are working at a big-box store named Cloud 9 that is located in St Louis, Missouri. They face several challenged in dealing with all the customers and also justifying their personal requirements. The show first aired in November of 2015 and has been a hit since then. Superstore has bagged 90% rotten tomatoes that not every show gets. The fifth season of the show aired in 2020, and now Superstore season 6 is renewed, so here is what all you need to know about the renewed installment.
Superstore renewed for Season 6 By NBC! 

NBC’s sitcom comedy show, Superstore, is now renewed for the sixth installment. The show will start with its 100th episode when it comes to the season. The show has been on for five years now. In an interview where the team announced season 6 of the show Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosa, the co-presidents of scripted programming for NBC revealed that they are thrilled with Superstore coming back. They think that the show continues to speak to very important issues that are also topical. Superstore, even after discussing these important topics, never lacks being hilarious, which is a huge plus point. Superstore is one of the most loved series on NBC.

Superstore season 6

Crew and The Cast

The Superstore season will have its amazing cast and crew. Justin Spitzer will continue to play the creator of the show. He will also be the executive producer along with America Ferrera. Ruben Fleischer and David Bernad will be the directors of the show. Along with that, Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller will be the co-showrunners and executive producers of the Superstore season 6.

America Ferrera, like the previous seasons of the series, will lead this time. Along with her Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn, Mark Mckinney, Nico Santos, Nichole Bloom, Jon Miyahara, Danny Gura, and Mariana Tosca are all expected to come back.

Green and Miller just took over the show as co-showrunners in April. Spitzer shifted most of his focus on the development of Universal Television. The duo has been writing the show for five seasons now and will continue to do so for the sixth season. Other notable shows that the duo has written include- The Late Show with David Letterman, The Mindy Project, and The Office.

Superstore Season 6: What Lies Ahead? 

The Superstore is on the run for the fifth season at this moment, so 14 episodes are out already. The 15th episode just around the corner, so we can give you some hints on that. In the fifteenth episode of season 5, a new cereal bar will make an entry in cloud 9. Everyone will have their own challenges in the episode to come. While Amy and Jonah will speculate on Zephra and her very evil motives, Dina will ask Cheyenne for help. She needs some assistance in dealing with the new scammer. Along with this, Garret will try to play smart when he tries to con Glenn into allowing him a paid leave.

Superstore season 6
The fifteenth episode of the show will release on Thursday, February 13th, followed by the last episode, chapter 16, that will air on 20th February. The show is just renewed for season 6, so there’s a lot of information yet to come. Stay tuned with for more updates and information about the show.

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