The 100 Season 6: Everything You Need To Know About The Sequel

The 100 Season 7

‘The 100 Season 6’ is one of the most anticipated season returns of the year. After its initial release, the show was instantly picked up by the viewers due to its intense premise. Recently, The CW releases the poster and the trailer of the series and they are captivating. Moreover, they reveal many mind-blowing things about the upcoming season.

The fifth season of the series released back in April 2018. It received much appreciation from the fans and critics. Moreover, Season 5 also gains several viewers for the show. The showrunner didn’t take long to renew the post-apocalyptic show for a sixth installment. The 100 Season 6 is soon to return to our screens.

Initially released in 2014, the show started with 100 juvenile detainees on a mission. Since Earth is not habitable anymore, the 100 are sent to check if there’s still any chance of survival on the planet. Over the seasons, the show loses many of them to the dangers on the planet. However, after all the ups and downs, the main characters left from the 100 have now moved to another world.

The New Planet Is More Dangerous Than You Expected

The trailer has a lot to say about the new installment. The new world is called Sanctum, and it initially seemed like a perfect domicile. Monty (Christopher Larkin) introduced it to Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley). The characters and the viewers were both relieved to have found another place to live in. However, the relief did not stay long and vanished as soon as they get to know the truth.

The new world is not simple, and the inhabitants are affected by an “eclipse-induced psychosis.” The trailer unveils that the new planet is as dangerous as the one the characters had left behind. The showrunners Jason Rothenberg explains Sanctum in an interview with Digital Spy. He also gives reasons to why is it unsafe for the characters.

He elaborates that when Eliguis III landed on Sanctum 236 years ago, they were very happy. The characters thought that they had found paradise and were expecting to live there forever. However, within 21 days, everything changed with the planet as the first eclipse happened. Moreover, it is not safe to inhabit.

The characters had not planned to land on Sanctum. Moreover, they were never supposed to be there. This was because as the planets come to alignment and the eclipse induced psychosis was about to happen. He also adds that the plants on the planet feed on the dead. Rothenberg mentions that there’s’ also a plant-dominated moon.

The 100 Season 6: Clarke And Bellamy Get Together?

The relationship between the main protagonist Clarke and Bellamy is pretty complicated. Both of them did not have a romantic connection yet. However, their firm friendship hints of potential romantic tension. From opponents to friends, the duo has had a problematic relationship arc.

The 100 Season 6

#Bellarke fans are excited to know if the couple will ever fall for each other. Moreover, it will be exciting to know how they’ll handle each other if they get together. Bellamy’s character has been difficult to understanding from the first season. The actor who plays the role, Bob Morley discusses his views on the future of Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship.

The actor explains that the duo still has to resolve their differences from the fifth season. He also adds that the work is in progress and the upcoming season will be new for them both.

The 100 Season 6: Release Date

The new installment is going to be challenging for all the charters. The trailer and official poster of The 100 Season 6 are out. The upcoming season will premiere on April 30, 2019, at 9/8c, only on The CW.

The 100 has received much admiration over the years. Fans have loved the show and are waiting for the release of the sixth season. Admirers of the show have high expectations from Season 6. Hopefully, the new season will blow our minds this time.

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