The A List Season 2: Netflix Exclusively Bring In Season 2, Cast & Release Details

The A List Season 2

The A List came in as another teenage drama like Stranger Things and Pretty Little Liars but stood out for the audience. Since the debut of the show in 2018, fans are demanding for its next run, The A-List Season 2.

The A List is a collaboration of BBC and Netflix. The series revolves around Mia, who gets stuck in a weird summer camp she visited. Her plan to be the Queen Bee goes away when new camper Amber arrives and turns her time at camp upside down. The summer camp at a remote island also turns out to hold dark secrets. The first 13-part chapter explores friendship, romance, betrayal, and a lot of dark secrets.

Netflix Exclusively Produce The A List Season 2

The first season of the show was a collaboration between BBC and Netflix. But after BBC dropped the second season of The A List, Netflix came in like a knight in shining armor. The streaming service officially picked up the show for its second run. show’s co-creator Nina Metivier has confirmed that the series has been dropped by the BBC but has saved by Netflix. As per Nina, “The A List was picked up by Netflix for worldwide, and now they’re looking at a second series.”

Future of The A List

The A List Season 2

At the time of release, executive producer Anne Brogan lifted the lid from the future of The A List. And it looks like the audience will get quite more of A drama in the future. According to her, “We planned three seasons from the beginning, and in the same way as in some of the American teenage dramas like Pretty Little Liars, once you have a wonderful set of actors and a really rocky psychology area, the deeper you are between, the more there is material.”

Cast Returning For The A List Season 2

The second season of The A-List would also see the return of all the primary cast from the first season. Lead by Lisa Ambalavanar as Mia; the audience will see Ellie Duckles as Amber. Savannah Baker as Kayleigh. Cian Barry as Dave. Eleanor Bennett as Jenna. Jacob Dudman as Dev. Benjamin Nugent as Harry. Rosie Dwyer as Alex and Jack Kane as Zac. Meanwhile, some new faces might also join the second season of the show.

The A List Season 2: Release Date

The first season of the show debuted in October 2018. And till now, there have not been any updates regarding the second season of The A List. As Netflix has exclusively taken over the show, the second season of the show will likely arrive by 2020.

The first season of The A List consisted of 13-episodes. Therefore, the second run might also have around the same number of episodes. Now that the streaming service has sole control of the show, things might kick in a little different. Stay tuned for more updates on The A List.