The Chosen One Season 2: Every Update Of The Upcoming Season

The Chosen One Season 2

Netflix is very much enthused to provide regional shows to all its fans around the world. The streaming giant is giving its best services in the form of shows and movies in different regional languages. The Brazilian series, The Chosen One, is up for its second run soon on the streaming service. And fans of the show are very much excited to have The Chosen One Season 2.

The Chosen One is about three young doctors up to provide Zika vaccines to the residents of the remote region of Pantanal. They get stuck in a community in which a local faith healer can cure any kind of disease. Moreover, the community is full of secrets, mysteries, and supernatural powers, and the doctors are trapped in all of it. The show has received very well among the audience and the critics as well.

The show is produced by Netflix in association with Mixer Films and written by Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz. The Chosen One is actually a remake of famous TV Series Nino Santo, two seasons of which aired in Mexico. Niño Santo had the identical premise of doctors questioning their beliefs after assembly religion healer worshipped by a mysterious cult. Moreover for more clarity, that show too was based on a true story.

The Chosen One Season 2: Cast Details

The show stars Brazilian actors Paloma Bernardi as Lucia Santeiro. Renan Tenca (3%) as the chosen one. Pedro Caetano as Damiao Almeida. Gutto Szuster as Enzo Vergani. Mariano Mattos Martins as Mateus. Alli Willow as Angelina. Tuna Dwek as Zulmira. Kiko Vianello as Dr. Lorenzo. Francisco Gaspar as Silvino. Aury Porto as Vincente and Lourinelson Vladmir as Santiago. Also, some new faces will likely feature in the upcoming new run of The Chosen One.

The Chosen One Season 2: Plot Details

 The Chosen One Season 2

The first season of The Chosen One ended with Lucia getting an incurable viral strain by Enzo. Therefore, in the second season, that will force the doctor to return to the cult while they are more divided than ever. Moreover, the fans will know what really happened to Damiao. Also, it will give an idea of whether Enzo is really that evil or there is an explanation of his healing abilities.

The Chosen One Season 2: Release Date

The sophomore run of the Brazilian Series will be out on December 6, 2019. Fans of the show are excited as the series is now available for fans around the globe. For more updates on The Chosen One Season 2, stay tuned.

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