The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7: New Discovery, More Problems For Lagina Brothers

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7
History Channel

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7 is just a month away. And that is all people are talking about. History Channel’s mega treasure hunt is one of the most awaited series to arrive this year. The network ordered for 36-episodes queue, the highest of all time, for the next installment of the series.

Season 7 will continue Rick and Marty Lagina’s hunt for the 200-year-old mystery on the tree-infested island. In the previous six seasons, Lagina brothers came along with quite some disappointments. However, they also succeeded in excavating some precious rare artifacts and findings which lead them closer to the hidden treasure on The Oak Island.

New Discovery in Season 7

As per recent reports, the upcoming season of the treasure hunt will feature an important discovery. A clip from the forthcoming season has surfaced, featuring an enormous hidden shaft being discovered along with a mysterious step. This could likely lead the Lagina Brothers to the Money Pit, where all the treasure is expected.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7
History Channel

In the video, Marty announced that the team is in the eye of the swamp, and a huge crane is located in a large barge churn up the muddy liquids on the area. Whatever it will be, the viewers will love to see how that very thing will lead to the treasure in the upcoming season of The Curse of Oak Island.

Other Issues On The Journey

Along with the treasure stuff, there are many more problems that could further hinder the journey of the Lagina Brothers. Rick and Marty Lagina had to renew their permits to continue their excavations in the 56-hectare privately owned island in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Also, they need to take care of the workers who demanded a salary raise and end up going on strike.

Work on H8 shaft in The Oak Island Season 7

According to the mega excavations that took place in the previous season, the upcoming season would likely work on the H8 Shaft. Marty and Rick Lagina will start searching there to explore more in-depth. Moreover, rumors are spreading that they could find Chapell’s Vault there. In Season 6, the search team found a 170 ft deep human-made chamber. And as per the speculators, this could be the original Money Pit.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7

Also, according to the post-credits clip for the seventh season of treasure hunt, it will take the audience to the Oak Island swamp. In the clip, Marty Lagina revealed that there is a colossal structure in the swamp. And nobody knows what that is.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7: Premiere Date

The Curse of Oak Lands Season 7 is set to air out on November 5, 2019. Also, speculations are spreading that this season will serve as the last one of the series. If that is the case, then there are many chances that the team will find the acclaimed treasure in The Oak Island Season 7.

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