The Good Fight Season 3: All New Updates Regarding The Series

The Good Fight Season 3

Are you ready to witness some more legal and political drama? The Good Fight Season 3 is all set to deliver it. The show got renewed for the third installment of Diane Lockhart’s life. The show got a green light for Season 3 well before the end of Season 2.

The Good Fight is a spin-off show of The Good Wife. The series follows the scenarios of Diane Lockhart. Lockhart loses everything she had due to a scam. The struggles and actions Lockhart takes comprise the plot of the show. Here are all the updates you need to know about The Good Fight Season 3.

Michael Sheen Will Join The Cast For Season 3

The Good Fight Season 3

Michael Sheen will join the cast of The Good Fight Season 3. Sheen is known for his roles in Masters of Sex and Frost/Nixon. Sheen will portray the character of Roland Blum in Season 3. Blum is a charismatic lawyer. Moreover, Blum is more interested in victory than the nuances of following the law. He has extreme desires for drugs, sex; you name it.

A character like Roland Blum will add a complex flavor in the show. Pursuing against him will be quite a challenge. Moreover, his tactics for cases and crossovers will raise the heat in the chambers.

Michael Urie Will Feature in The Good Fight Season 3

The Good Fight Season 3

Sheen is not the only one, who is going to surprise you. The Good Fight Season 3 will see Michael Urie reprising his The Good Wife Character. TV Line reported that Urie would feature in an episode as NSA lackey Stephen Dinovera. It will be fascinating to see him again.

The Good Fight has many a time used this tactic. The backstory from The Good Wife adds to many possible crossovers. Moreover, It leads to a turn around from very complex situations. Watching Urie as Dinovera will be a delight. Season 3 of The Good Fight have ensured many new faces to appear.

What Will Happen In The Good Fight Season 3?

Diane has both – opportunity and threat in the upcoming season.

In prior season we saw Diana with Tara Strokes (Taylor Louderman). Strokes is a porn star who had slept with the president. She told Diana to ‘follow the women’ if she wants to take down the government. Therefore, it is an opportunity for Diana.

Whereas, Diana is also in jeopardy of being indicted. In the finale of Season two, we saw her named as a confederate in a plot to kill the president. Though she came a bit out of the situation. However, things are still not clear about that aspect. Therefore, we can presume that threat will continue in Season 3.

Will Julianna Margulies Do A Cameo?

Julianna Margulies reprising her Good Wife role as Alicia Florrick seems like a dream. Previously, Michelle King, the executive producer of the show hinted about her Cameo. However, Margulies clarified that she denied the cameo. She explained the reason for it too. Margulies said that the reason I refused was that I thought it would be an injustice to those women and they will bear that torch. So, this confirms that we will not see Alicia Florrick in Season 3.

Premiere Date For The Good Fight Season 3

CBS has yet not revealed any premiere date for The Good Fight Season 3. However, the third installment of the show is expected to air around March or April 2019.


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