The Good Place Season 4: Release Date & Everything You Need To Know

The Good Place Season 4

“Time means nothing. Jeremy Bearimy, baby.” And indeed it would not in The Good Place Season 4. NBC’s dystopian comedy is greenlit for a fourth season. The show initially premiered in 2016 and was instantly picked by the audience. The critically acclaimed show is all set to make a comeback this year, and we have so many questions about what will happen next.

Kristen Bell brilliantly plays Eleanor Shellstrop, the lead character of the series. Eleanor wakes up in her afterlife, only to find that she is mistaken as a ‘The Good Place’ inhabitant. The Good Place is a heaven-like utopia created by Michael (Ted Danson). She hides her morally imperfect behavior to stay in the place. Moreover, she then joins other inmates that accompany her in her new ‘after’ life.

The Good Place Season 4

NBC didn’t take long to renew the comedy series. The Good Place Season 4 was renewed way before the release of Season 3’s finale. The third installment premiered back in September 2019. Another heart-warming season is soon expected to air on the network.

The Good Place Season 4: What Going To Happen Now?

The third season ends on an extremely dramatic and emotional note. The main characters include Eleanor, Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jason (Manny Jacinto). Chidi explains to the group the reason why the four of them were able to become better people in the afterlife. It was because all the external factors were removed in the Good Place. On the other hand, Michael convinces them to reenact the experiment with four brand new poeple.

The new season marks the return of four new people related to the human-lives for Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason. Moreover, the group will have to adjust in the alternate timeline in the middle of The Good And The Bad Place. The upcoming installment is going to get much adventurous this time. Relationships and friendships will change as the past returns.

The Good Place Season 4: We Want Chidi And Eleanor Back Together!

We all were pretty heartbroken when Eleanor and Chidi broke-up in the previous season. Chidi apparently opted to wipe his memories of Eleanor and their relationship. She will now have to pretend to be The Architect. Moreover, the new installment will also mark the return of Chidi’s ex-girlfriend, Simone and guess what? He has also wiped out all the memories of Simone.

Chidi will not remember anything about his past life with Simone, especially about their relationship. However, the former couple may have some sort of attraction for each other. And that will be sad for Eleanor to watch. But anyways, we have trust in Chidi and Eleanor’s relationship and the two love-bird will somehow find a way to get back together. At least fans hope that they fall for each other all over again.

The Good Place Season 4: When Will We See Them Again?

All our favorite characters from The Good Place arrive on our screens every September. All the previous season of the show take a year to release. Similarly, Season 4 may also premiere around September 2019.

‘The Good Place Season 4’ has a lot of plot twists coming up. The show has garnered many accolades for its acting, writing, originality, setting, and tone. Fans enjoy the light comedy and praise the show for its balance between the genres. The new season is soon returning, and we hope that it keeps up to the expectations.

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