The Last Kingdom Season 4 – Renewed, Plot and Cast Of New Season

The Last Kingdom Season 4

The Battle is Not Finished! The Last Kingdom Season 4 has been officially renewed. The series found a new home as Netflix for its third installment. The third season of The Last Kingdom premiered on 19th November 2018. After a few weeks, The Last Kingdom got renewed for Season 4.

The first two seasons of The Last Kingdom premiered under BBC. However, when the series was thought to be over, it made a comeback on Netflix. The third season of the show had two more episodes than the prior one. It also had a massive budget backing up. This has proven the confidence of creators in the series. Thus the mere requirement of renewing it for the fourth installment has been completed.

Has The Production Begun? Can We Assume A Trailer At Comic-Con?

The stars of The Last Kingdom announced the renewal of the series in their classic amusing manner. The series got renewed on December 22, 2018, adding more festive feels. However, almost a month has passed, and there are no further updates about the show’s production. If we follow the regular Netflix ideology, the production can begin soon. If so happens, we can safely presume that a trailer launch at the San Diego Comic-Con in July.

The Last Kingdom Season 4

Plot Of The Last Kingdom Season 4

The Last Kingdom is based on The Saxon Stories series of books by Bernard Cornwell. The series follows the ancient drama during the 9th-century England. Pagan Viking invaders have conquered Christian Saxon empires – except one, King Alfred’s Wessex.

The series adapts two books from The Saxon Stories for every season. Season 4 will most likely follow the 7th and 8th part of books namely The Pagan Lord and The Empty Throne.
The description for The Pagan Lord goes as – Uhtred, once Alfred’s great soldier but now out of courtesy with the new king, must begin a band of fugitives north to retake his old family home, that great Northumbrian fortress, Bebbanburg. Furthermore, it reads – Loyalties will be separated, and men will fall, as every Saxon kingdom is brought into the bloodiest battle yet with the Danes; a battle which will determine the fate of every king, and the whole English nation.

The description for The Empty Throne reads – There are new invasions by the Vikings from Ireland and agitation among the Saxons over the administration of Mercia. A younger contemporary is taking over.

The description raises the excitement for the scenarios that could be built in The Last Kingdom Season 4. More bloody battles will be fought, betrayals will happen, bodies will fall. Everything awaits in the Season 4.

Cast Of The Last Kingdom Season 4

Third Season of the show saw the death of Ragnar characterized by Tobias Santelmann. Having such a mighty cast, death can be the only explanation behind the exit of any character. So we can safely presume that whoever didn’t die in the prior season, will return for The Last Kingdom Season 4.

So, this means that we will see more of David Dawson (King Alfred), Alexander Dreymon (Uhtred), Ian Hart (Beocca), Emily Cox (Brida), and many others.

Premiere Date Of The Last Kingdom Season 4

Netflix has yet not confirmed any premiere dates of The Last Kingdom season 4. However, if we follow the regular pattern, it might get a release in spring 2020. Digital Spy has noted that the since the series is acquired by Netflix, it might get an early release – maybe around the last quarter of 2019.


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Uum, unfortunately David Dawson’s character, King Alfred, died at the end of Season 3.