The Magicians Season 5: Trailer, Plot, Release Date, Cast & More

The Magicians Season 5

Based on the novel by Lev Grossman, The Magicians is an American fantasy show. The show just released its first trailer for season 5. The Magicians Season 5 continues to honor and at the same time, divert the base story. Season 4 of the show ended with a significant twist by killing one of the main characters.

The first season of the show aired back in 2015 and is now in the run for the fifth installment. The show revolves around Quentin Coldwater, who joins the University of Brakebills for Magical Pedagogy. He seeks to become a  trained magician. He later discovers that the books he loved as a child are real and a danger to humanity. In the meantime, he finds that his friend Julia is disturbed because she couldn’t get into the university and starts searching for magic everywhere else.

The Magicians season 5 trailer is out, and it promises a lot of things. The show will hit tv screens in early 2020. Here’s everything about it-

The Story So Far: Season 4 Recap –

Episode 15- “No Better To Be Safe Than Sorry” starts with the heroes finding a way to take down the evil siblings that have possed Julia and Eliot. They unite magicians and hedge witches from all over the world to achieve their goals. This hints towards a better world of magic.

Eliot and Julia suffer from injuries from magical axes. These axes were used to extract monsters from both of them Eliot is being treated in the old fashion way, so he will take a lot of time to recover. However, Julia has an immortal body. She keeps trying to close the wounds, but they keep reopening. Since Julia is unconscious, Penny is forced to make a decision for her. He has two choices: To make Julia a full goddess and lose her or make her a mortal. He chooses the mortal one.

The Magicians Season 5

The final clash happens in the Mirror Realm. Quentin and Josh understand the line between the universes where the monster twins can be dispelled forever. However, Quentin, Alice, and penny throw a monster into the mirror, which has the seam. They are about to get strangled with the monster’s twin sister and Everett pops. He needs the essence to become a god and hence breaks the mirror. Now the three of them have no choice but to give the essence to him.

The show ends with Quentin telling Penny to get Alice out of the Magic Realm and uses all his power to fix the mirror through which he sends the mirror. Time passes as we witness Alice screaming and crying as the magic consumes Quentin.

The Magicians Season 5: What Does Trailer Reveals

Yes, the trailer of season 5 just released and you can watch it here:

The new trailer features Quentin’s friends mourning his death. They also realize that now the magic is stronger than ever and it could be a big problem.

The Magicians Season 5: Expected Plot

Season 4 witnessed Eliot possessed by a Monster, and his sister destroyed it. Quentin’s sacrifice returned the magic to the world; however, the magic is now too much to handle. There will be very powerful spells, enchantments, and more. Meanwhile, the dark king will take over Filloey. The story will fast forward to 300 years. Now, the Apocalypse will again come, and this time, Julia will save the world, this time once and for all.

Good News: The Original Cast Is Back

Nearly everyone, including Stelle Maeve, Olivia Dudley, Hale Appleman, Arjun Gupta, Summer Bishil, and Jade Trailor, is coming back.

One face that we won’t see anymore is Jason Ralph as he was dead in season 4.
However, he might have a magical return in the show.

The Magicians Season 5 Release Date

Fans have been waiting for the show since the fourth season concluded in April 2019. The wait is finally over. The trailer of the Magicians season 5 revealed the release date of the show. The show will release on 15 January 2020 on Syfy. The episodes of the show will air weekly and there will thirteen shows in total. Are you excited for the show? Tell us what you think could happen in the upcoming season in the comments section.

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