The OA Season 3: Renewed Or Canceled? Will It Ever Return On Netflix?

The OA Season 3

We had to wait for two long years for the second season to arrive. How long will The OA Season 3 take? The 2016 fantasy series appeared out of nowhere, only to win our hearts and to mess with our minds. Lead actress and show creator Brit Marling is charming, creepy, and brave, all at the same time. Although it was cruel of her to leave us hanging with the cliffhangers. Fans anxious to know if The OA is returning. Hence, here’s every detail about the upcoming installment.

Initially premiered in 2016, the series was full of multi-dimensional drama. Season 3 appeared two years later in March 2019. The mystery-drama received loads and loads of appreciation from both fans and the critics. Moreover, its confusing plot and varied dimensions led to the birth of thousands of Reddit theories and deep discussions. Currently, a renewal is all that the internet wants for The OA.

The OA Season 3: Renewal Status

The second installment of the show took too long to return even though it was renewed very early. Yet, all of us fans knew that The OA is a show worth waiting and devoting our time. It has already been months after the release of the second season. The OA Season 3 of the series is yet to be officially greenlit. However, its release is almost certain.

The OA Season 3

The creators have always had a five-season plan in mind. Infact, they had one even before they started. This helped to woo Netflix in the first place as they had a very well-thought layout already. On the other hand, The OA, unlike any other series, functions very distinctly. The chapter and episodes vary in length, scope, and even genre.

The writers and creators, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij realize that their show is different than any other with a similar format. Moreover, there’s no defined pattern, and everything that the creators do has to be invented. Hence, it is most likely that the series will get a release. However, Netflix and the showrunners may take a while to announce any firm declarations.

What Will Happen Next?

The show has had a lousy habit of leaving us on cliffhangers. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to predict where the story is going next. However, we’re sure of a few things. One of which is the possibilities of several new dimensions gulping The OA and the team all over again. After the way Season 2 ended, the next season is likely to pick up where it left us.

The OA (or Prairie) was pulled into another dimension once again. She reached this new world where she was on the set of a shoot. Moreover, she was weirdly called out as “Brit,” which is the actor’s real name. Jason Issacs, who plays Hap on the shoe, is now playing is a real-life character. Brit has an accident on the set and is now taken to the hospital. The OA Season 3 may mix the story of the show and the real-life and present us with this all-new concept.

The OA Season 3 Release Date

As per the makers of the show, anything about The OA, including the release date, is not predictive. Thus, the next season may or may not take as much time as Season 2. Although, Marling has previously accepted that the new installment may not take as long. Moreover, fans expect it to premiere sooner than that. Even then, The OA Season 3 may not come out sooner than 2020.


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I am soooo hoping that they bring back OA season 3 as soon as possible. I’m very addictive to the show. I have binged watched Season 1&2 bc you see so many things that you missed or didn’t pick up on when watching for the first time. Season 3 is not coming out fast enough to me. I totally love OA series.

Erin Kennedy
Erin Kennedy

A great show to watch while reading your favorite book! An absolute waste of time.