The Politician Season 2: Filming Started, Plot Details And Release Date

The Politician Season 2

Netflix’s up and coming political dramedy series, The Politician is working on its second season. Recently, news came in that the filming work for The Politician Season 2 has already been commenced. This seems really soon, as the show debuted just two months before, in September only.

Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, The Politician is an American comedy-drama series of Netflix. The show follows Ben Platt as aspiring politician Payton Hobart. In different seasons of The Politician, Payton is set to campaign in various elections, from the student body to U.S. president. The show is planned for a five-season arc.

The core cast from the previous run will also surely return for the upcoming installment. That includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Boynton, Theo Germaine, Julia Schlaepfer, Judith Light, Bette Midler, January Jones, Benjamin Barrett, Bob Balaban, and Laura Dreyfus.

Filming For The Politician Season 2 Started

Just yesterday, the star of the show, Ben Platt, announced the beginning of filming for The Politician Season 2. The news came in when he shared a photo on his official Twitter handle. The photo featured a door sign with his character’s name, Payton, written on it. The announcement brought a feeling of excitement for the fans of the show as they are desperate to have the second season soon.

The Politician Season 2: Plot Details

The first season of The Politician ended with Payton becoming class president. That is because, his competition, Astrid gets dropped out of school. Meanwhile, Payton does not get admission to Harvard. Therefore, he decides to compete for the New York State Senate. However, for that, he needs to stand against Dede Standish and her chief-of-staff, Hadassah Gold.

The Politician Season 2

Lately, Platt also discussed the plot with The Hollywood Reporter. As he stated, Every time we think we know, creators shock us. All I know is that it will be very much focused on mine and Judith’s race and that we’ll be in New York now. And we’re theoretically a little bit older and coming into our own as adults.”

Ryan Murphy on The Politician Season 2

The show-runner of the series, Ryan Murphy, discussed the possible future of The Politician in an interview with E! News. As he revealed, the second season will feature Ben against Judith and Bette Midler. And the stakes are high because it’s for a New York race, he added. Murphy also shared his excitement for the upcoming season as “I really, really love it because it’s about a lot of things, but it’s just pure fun.”

The Politician Season 2: Release Date

Right now, only the filming work for the second season has started. The show has to do a lot before its premiere. Therefore, the audience needs to wait for the second season to arrive. However, it is already confirmed that season 2 will premiere just days before the presidential election in the United States. For further updates on The Politician Season 2, stay tuned.

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