The Purge Season 2: Premiere Episode At NYCC, Trailer, Cast Additions, And More

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The Purge Season 2 is just mere days away from its premiere. The fans are also very much excited to see what the second season brings on the Purge night? What will happen? Not just this, the trailer for the sophomore run of the show also released, featuring The Purge night, more devastating than ever before.

Based on the famous movie franchise The Purge, the show focuses on Purge Night in the alternate United States, under a dictatorial government. The Purge Night is a 12 hour period in which all crime, including murder and slaughter, is legal. The show is a co-production between Blumhouse Television and UCP, created by James DeMonaco.

The first season of The Purge debuted as a hit for the USA network. It also scored outstanding ratings for scripted cable series. The Purge remains one such spinoff that has been directly referenced from the movie series. This helps to keep the original essence even more real among the audience.

First Episode At New York Comic Con

Yesterday, USA Network screened the first episode of The Purge Season 2 at New York Comic-Con. The episode was released by executive producers James Roland Krystal Houghton Ziv. The two also teased that the upcoming season will answer all the questions about the Purge night and things related to that. According to Roland, the audience gets to see what happens on the other 364 days of the year, and the psychological ramifications. He also revealed that The Purge Season 2 would also play with PTSD thing.

The first episode started in the past with a familiar character before jumping in the future where Purge night has only two hours to go. The story shifts between bank robbers, a couple going through a dangerous home invasion, along with government employees monitoring the city for illegal Purge activities. Marcus (Derek Luke) ends up bearing the Purge night with his wife, Michelle. However, later finds out that somebody is following him and wants to kill him.

The Purge Season 2: Trailer Out Now

USA network dropped the trailer for the second season of The Purge. As it was previously teased, the upcoming season will feature the aftereffects of the Purge night on the lives of people. The new season begins in the final deadly hours of one Purge Night, and then follows an ensemble of characters along their year-long journeys to the next Purge Night.

One character also warns in the trailer as “The Purge is making people more violent, and not just on Purge but every day of the year.” The trailer only is filled with so much of action, suspense and drama, that people are craving for the show to land soon.

The Purge Season 2: Cast Additions

The second season of Purge will feature a whole new cast. Derek Luke from 13 Reasons Why will play Marcus Moore, an accomplished professional whose entire life gets shatter on the deadly Purge night. Also, Max Martini (Pacific Rim) will feature in The Purge Season 2 as Ryan Grant, who along with his long-time crew. He spends the entire year preparing for the next Purge Night.

The Purge Season 2
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Moreover, Paola Nuñez (The Son) will play Esme Carmona, a top employee at the NFFA surveillance center. There she spots crimes and digitally tag lawbreakers. And Joel Allen will feature as the fraternity member named Ben, belonging to a middle-class suburban family. The cast list also includes Rochelle Aytes as Marcus’s wife, Michelle, and Danika Yarosh as Kelen, Ben’s college student girlfriend.

What will happen?

The first season featured the entire Purge night and its conclusions. However, the upcoming season will explore how a single Purge night affects the lives of four different, yet interconnected characters over the course of the year. They all inevitably lead up to the next Purge. The sophomore run of the series will once again set in a world wherein one night a year; all illegal acts are decriminalized.

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The Purge Season 2: Release Date

Fans don’t need to wait for much more for the upcoming run of The Purge. The second season of crime drama is set to return on October 15, 2019, on USA Network. Not just the TV show, the next installment of the movie series, The Purge 5 is also on its way for the fans of crime drama.

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