The Ranch Season 4: Why Is It Ending? Everything You Need To Know

The Ranch Season 4

We’re here with a piece of good and also some bad news for the fans of the Netflix sitcom. The Ranch Season 4 is finally returning to our screen with a set of 20 fresh episodes. However, sadly, this will be the final installment of the series. The popular streamer has canceled the show after the fourth season and fans don’t see any legitimate reason. Hence, here we have everything you need to know about the cancellation and the final chapters.

Initially released in 2016, the series ran popular for three long seasons. Netflix’s The Ranch is filmed on a sound stage in front of a live audience in Burbank, California. Starring Ashton Kutcher, the show brings us the story about a high school and college football star, Colt Bennette. The popular sitcom ran for three long installments only to be slit after Season 4.

The Ranch Season 4: Release Date

Netflix’s first multi-cam series has had three 20-episodes installments. Each of the seasons were split into two parts that premiered at two different times of the year. The Ranch Season 4 will also have 20 episodes, ten of which will debut in 2019. Moreover, the rest will soon release in 2020.

The Ranch Season 4

Cancellation of The Ranch On Netflix

The Ranch Season 4 was renewed back in October 2018. This was way before the second part of Season 3 released on screen. Fans had no doubts about its return until June 2019. The cancellation of the tangy sitcom came as a shock to many Netflix subscribers. The announcement came via lead actor Ashton Kutcher’s social media handle.

The actor wrote that The Ranch is coming to an end, but not yet. He mentioned that Netflix still has the fourth season for fans. Moreover, the tweet also announces that the final installment will also have 20 episodes. These will be divided into two parts as well. Season 4 will bring the show to a total of 80 episodes.

However, fans did not react well to the announcement. Viewers outraged and are threatening to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. Although, the news is defined and there are no rational reasons that may make the streamer reverse its decision. But why is The Ranch getting canceled after Season 4?

The Ranch Season 4: What Caused The Cancellation?

Many of the fans online believe that Netflix has been suspiciously canceling many of its successful shows. Since the last year, a few popular series with much potential were canceled unexpectedly. All Marvel shows including The Punisher, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones were removed. The streamer slit sitcoms like One Day At A Time, Fuller House and comedies with large fanbases like Santa Clarita Diet.

The cancelation of Lucifer after Season 5 also came as a shock as the series struggled a lot to survive earlier. Netflix saved the show only to cancel it after running it for two long seasons. The Ranch may also fall in the same category as Lucifer. We still don’t know the reason behind all these cancelations. Although, fans have noticed this pattern, which is very intriguing to many.

The Ranch’s Decreasing Viewership?

Secondly, another logical reason behind the same might be decreasing viewership. The controversy around cast member Danny Masterson also affected the show’s image. Although, the actor was fired immediately after the investigation into sexual assault allegations by multiple women began. Many fans online believe that this may have influenced the viewership, urging Netflix to cancel the series. However, the streamer never shares its numbers with the audience. Hence, the possibility is still uncertain.

The Ranch Season 4

The Ranch has a large and loyal fanbase that does not want it to end so soon. However, the cancellation is almost certain. One of the main and simple reasons behind the same may be the conclusion of the story. The writers may have found the perfect end to the plotline. Even if we lose a series with much potential in it, we hope that Netflix gives it a deserving finale with The Ranch Season 4.


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