The Sinner Season 3: Confirmed, Matt Bomer On Board, Release Date

The Sinner Season 3

Good news for the crime drama fans, detective Ambrose is back again to unravel the sinners. USA Network officially announced the renewal of The Sinner Season 3. The network proclaimed the renewal news on March 6, 2019.

The Sinner is an anthology crime drama series based on the namesake novels written by German writer Petra Hammesfahr. The series follows a crime detective Harry Ambrose played by veteran actor Bill Pullman. He analyses the crime situation and solves the crime mystery sincerely. Jessica Biel and Derek Simmons stand as the executive produce and show-runners of the series. The first and second season of The Sinner earned darn good reviews with multiple award nominations.

Matt Bomer in The Sinner Season 3

The Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee star Matt Bomer has joined the series for its third season. The star also expressed his enthusiasm for the show by a tweet from his twitter handle. Matt will play an honest Dorchester citizen and an expectant father who will seek Detective Ambrose to help him out.

Right now, Matt Bomer is continuing with a recurring role in NBC’s Will & Grace. He is playing McCoy Whitman, a news anchor and love interest for Will (Eric McCormack).

Will Jessica Biel Return for The Sinner Season 3?

The Sinner Season 3

Thus far, Jessica Biel announced her come back to the show only as the executive producer. However, her revival in the third season is yet to confirm. Jessica Biel played Cora Tannetti, a troubled young mother, accused of the murder of her own husband in the first season.

Biel previously stated that she felt a lot of relief by leaving that tortured character Cora behind her. However, when asked about her come back, she said that she is not sure, it could be possible or not. So, the position of her comeback will clear only when the third season release.

What will happen in The Sinner Season 3?

As the series is based on the crime novels, each season follows different crime mystery. The third installment of The Sinner will follow Detective Ambrose dealing with a car accident investigation. The routine inquiry of the tragic car accident will occur in the countryside of Dorchester, upstate New York.

However, Detective Ambrose will unravel a puzzling crime during the investigation. With that, he will fall in the most grizzly and disturbing case of his life.

The Sinner Season 3: Release Date

There hasn’t been much doubt about the renewal of the series. The second season of The Sinner has been the network’s fourth most popular scripted show by viewership. This was despite the season’s decreased average ratings by 40%. The show is a big success and is loved all across the globe.

Both the previous seasons of The Sinner released in November 2017 and 2018 respectively. Therefore, The Sinner Season 3 is likely to premiere in the fall of 2019. The audience is eager to watch another exciting plot-line and Pullman’s extraordinary portrayal of Detective Ambrose.

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