The Sinner Season 3: Preview Released, Every Update From Upcoming Season

The Sinner Season 3
Paramount Pictures

It seems that the fans have somewhat outrun their sins. That is why USA Network released the first trailer for the upcoming The Sinner Season 3, featuring Matt Bomer.

The Sinner is a crime anthology series of USA Network, developed by Derek Simmons and produced by Jessica Biel. The crime drama mystery is based on the novel of the same name by German crime writer Petra Hammesfahr. The series follows crime detective Harry Ambrose played by veteran actor Bill Pullman. He analyses the crime situation and solves the crime mystery sincerely. In March 2019, the series got the renewal for a third season by the network.

The series debuted in August 2017, followed by its second season in August 2018. Both the seasons of The Sinner earned darn good reviews from the critics and the audience. Not just this, both the seasons also got multiple award nominations. The audience loved the single-season plot-line featuring the same detective on cases each season.

The Sinner Season 3: Trailer Released

The first trailer for the upcoming season of The Sinner has already been out. The trailer begins with Matt Bomer’s Jamie covered in blood as a result of a car accident. Since then, Detective Ambrose starts finding the cause of the collision and the truth that Jamie is hiding. Just when the audience starts thinking that it was just a mere accident, Chris Messina’s Nick, from Jamie’s college days, walk in. Nick is here to let know that nothing is fine, and nobody can outrun their sins. The trailer brought out chills and teased for an outstanding third season.

The Sinner Season 3: Cast Details

The series is nothing without Bill Pullman’s Detective Harry Ambrose. He is back to show his detective skills and solve the hardest of the crime situations. Along with him, Matt Bomer has joined the third season as Jamie. Also, Chris Messina will feature in the third season as Nick, from Jamie’s college time. The season three cast also includes Jessica Hecht, Parisa Fitz-Henley, and Eddie Martinez.

The Sinner Season 3
Paramount Pictures

Season 3 also brought back Derek Simonds as show-runner and executive producer, alongside Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple.

The Sinner Season 3: Plot Details

As the series is based on the crime novels, each season of The Sinner follows a different crime drama mystery. The third installment of The Sinner will follow Detective Ambrose dealing with a car accident investigation, involving Jamie (Matt Bomer). The routine inquiry of the tragic car accident will occur in the countryside of Dorchester, upstate New York.

However, Detective Ambrose will unravel a puzzling crime during the investigation. With that, he will fall in the most grizzly and disturbing case of his life.

The Sinner Season 3: Release Date

The third season of The Sinner will be out sometime in 2020, most probably in August. Paramount Pictures has to unveil the premiere date for The Sinner Season 3 yet. The audience is longing to have the next season of the anthology series as soon as possible.

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