The Society Season 2: Renewal Status, Air Date & Everything To Know

The Society Season 2

The Society Season 2: What makes a classic Netflix teen drama? A bunch of crazy teens, a few blooming romances, one seriously messed up town and a lot of thrilling mysteries. On May 10, 2019, one such perfect mystery drama released and won our hearts with its freakish concept. Since then, fans have been craving for another season. Many of the storylines were left tangled, and we surely need ‘The Society Season 2’ to untangle them. Hence, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming installment.

The Society casts a bunch of youngsters that get stuck in a strange version of their own town. After returning from a field trip, the high school kids reach their town, which now contains none of their parents, siblings and no other adults. Initially, this new world seemed like a treasure to them as they did everything they would not have been allowed to do in the real world. However, they soon realize that it is much more challenging to survive without the sources they used to enjoy.

The Society Season 2

This new town is referred to as New Ham now, the latest version of the original town, West Ham, Connecticut. New Ham lacks a government, a plantation system, judiciary and everything that embodies a ‘Society.’ In order to survive the kids need to get responsible and segregate roles to sustain. Between all of this, The Society has too much drama for our entertainment. Hence, fans are waiting for Netflix to renew the series.

The Society Season 2: Renewal Status

Netflix usually takes a month before renewing any new show for a second run. This pattern kept the fans patient enough to wait until a month. Although now, it already has been more than a month and viewers are getting anxious to know if The Society Season 2 is happening. The series already has a huge following now, and thousands of people are talking about it. Netflix may be taking time, but they may not want to cancel such a popular drama so early. Fans must keep their hopes high and give them some time.

The Society Season 2: Creators Want More Seasons

Showrunner Chris Keyser in a conversation with Metro has spoken about the delayed renewal. He accepts that they have many ideas to generate new seasons and are looking forward to making a few. Keyser explains that the renewal entirely depends upon the audience. Moreover, he has thoroughly thought about how individual storylines would take a turn in the upcoming installments, in case they happen.

What Will Happen In The Upcoming Season?

The debut season of the teen drama left many loose ends to be discussed further. Now that Campell (Toby Wallace) has Harry (Alex Fitzalan) and the Guards on his side, he may do something more psychopathic next season. Moreover, fans and even showrunners fear of what may happen if the two take over in the future. There’s a lot that may occur in the new installment, and we hope that the creators think well before executing the Season 2.

The Society Season 2

More About The Parents

Towards the end of the debut season, we’re taken back to West Ham where the parents reside. While it’s clear that the teenagers are living in some parallel universe as Earth is still as it is today. The parents are in the real world and miss their children who disappeared all of a sudden. The mystery needs to be further explained. Moreover, fans online have shown their interests in seeing more of the parents and the real world in The Society Season 2.

Who Is Becca’s Baby’s Real Father?

One of the most popular ship on the show has to Sam and Grizz. Fans love their chemistry and the way the queer love story turned out to be. Although, towards the end, we find some complications between the couple as Sam decides to become the surrogate father to Becca’s baby. It’s pretty clear that we may get to know about the real father sooner or later. However, the revelation will certainly stir up many controversies in the future. At this point, any of the males (in the lead roles) except Sam can turn out to be the dad.

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The Society Season 2: Release Date

The world-famous streaming platform is yet to reveal if they’re going to renew the series for another run or not. Although, due to its popularity, chances are high that the renewal may come any time soon. As of now, it’s difficult to predict a premiere date this early. However, Netflix usually releases a second season with a year gap. Hence, we may expect The Society Season 2 around the middle of 2020.


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