The Walking Dead Season 10: Finale Delayed Due To Pandemic! Episode 14 Spoilers & More

The Walking Dead Season 10

The fans have to wait a little more for the long-awaited finale episode of The Walking Dead Season 10. The fan’s favorite horror series has to shut down its production work because of the Corona Virus outbreak. Currently, the series is airing its second half of the tenth season. The creators said they would end this season with Episode 15. The upcoming episode will be the second last episode of this year. This critically acclaimed horror series is one of the most-watched horror show. In this article, the viewers will read everything about the finale and the fourteenth episode. 

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror TV series. The present installment was divided into two halves. The first half of the series released on October 6, 2019. The second half of it premiered on February 23, 2020. Frank Darabont created this show. It is based on the series of comic books by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Adlard. The story of the present season focuses on the group’s preparation and the war against the Whisperers.

The Walking Dead Season 10

The Walking Dead Season 10: Special Episode!

The creators will release the finale episode as a special episode later this year. The creators won’t be able to complete the post-production of this episode because of the current global situation. At present, Hollywood is on a hiatus to fight against the coronavirus. The creators informed the fans by posting on their social media handles. They write, “Current events have unfortunately made it impossible to complete post-production of The Walking Dead Season 10 finale, so the current season will end with its 15th episode on April 5. The planned finale will appear as a special episode later in the year.”

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 14: Official Promo

AMC released the official extended trailer for the next episode of this horror series. The viewers can look out from the promo that the things will get creepier and more intense from now on. Since only three episodes are left, including the special episode. Therefore the next episode will play an essential role in the series. In the next episode, the aftermath of Alpha’s death will rise high.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 14: Spoilers!

The title of THe Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 14 is “Look at the Flowers.” According to the promo, the next episode might bring back the Stephanie & Eugene storyline. The fans are hoping that their love story will continue, and Eugene’s heart won’t break into multiple pieces. The fans can possibly see the Alexandrians responding to Michonne’s exit. As the Hilltop has burned to the spot, the next episode can also focus on the outcome of the fire.

Meanwhile, Beta will try to take revenge on Alpha’s murderer. Carol and Negan agreement might also come into the light in the next episode, which will even twirl around Alpha’s death. AMC also released the official synopsis for the next episode. It reads, “Heroes and villains reckon with the aftermath of the Hilltop fire; Eugene takes a group on a journey to meet Stephanie, with the hopes of befriending another civilization.” 

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 14

When Will It Release?

It is still unclear that when AMC will release the final episode as a special episode. The only thing they said was the fans would get it later this year. However, the second last episode of this series will be releasing in this week. The fans can see The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 14 on 29 March 2020.